Improves Clarity

At present, social innovation organizations need a ‘closed loop’ system that is both tamper-proof and produces real-time information to achieve transparency in the complete value chain. In this scenario, Blockchain not only enables operational changes to be transmitted in real time, it also allows all parties to transact and disseminate information in a trusted, easily auditable way.

Increases Efficiency

Social innovation often calls for undertaking high transaction costs as well as fraud, waste, and abuses. Using Blockchain, all transactions across the supply chain can be tracked in real time, ensuring that consumers only pay for what they get. This increased visibility into the functioning of the supply chain enables possibilities for further reforms to improve efficiency and limit leakages.

Achieves Scalability

Eventually, the objective of every social innovation organization is to resolve difficulties at scale. And, by decreasing costs and increasing the flow of funds, Blockchain can aid social innovation organizations to scale up their operations.

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