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‘Blockchain is the new internet’ is the slogan proposed to influence people with this transforming technology. Undoubtedly, it’s heading in the right direction.

Blockchain is basically a shared, distributed database which can be used for recording transactions as well as to track tangible and intangible assets. And thus, Blockchain application development has gained significant traction across numerous industries.

We are Core Blockchain Service Providers having excellence in DApps (blockchain-based decentralized applications), Wallet, Trading, and Exchange development, Private Blockchain Solutions, among others.


Benefits Of Choosing Us As Your Blockchain Service Providers:


Rapid Accomplishment

Oodles’ Blockchain experts guide you through every step of blockchain adoption. We provide you support from Design Thinking-led evaluation, expedited prototyping, PoC (Proofs-of-Concept) and rapid development to full implementation of blockchain solutions. Our custom blockchain solutions help boost the accomplishment of your blockchain network.



Oodles Technologies’ vast experience helps ease the pertaining challenges to interoperability across the blockchain network. As well as, addresses vital factors such as security & privacy of shared data, consensus management, etc., across network users.


Trusted Ecosystem:

We utilize the potential of blockchain to turn your vision into reality. We create a network where:

  • Data is much more accessible and reliable.
  • Transactions network participants are verifiable and traceable.
  • Enable a trusted ecosystem with your suppliers, partners, and customers.


Technologies We Excel In:

Ethereum: To incorporate smart contracts for rapid blockchain solutions development.

Hyperledger: Customizable Smart contracts applications based on Hyperledger Fabric blockchain technology. That can be used across various industries, from financial services to supply chain, healthcare, education, and many more.

Hyperledger Ecosystem: For building secure and private blockchain applications that can be used across a variety of industries, from gambling to logistics, insurance, banking, healthcare, and more.

IOTA: To power the future of the Internet of Things (IoT) with free microtransactions and data integrity for machines.

Multichain: For creating and deploying your first private blockchain in minutes.

Wallet Development: We have reusable modules in place that helps you develop best cryptocurrency wallets based on the following cryptocurrencies in no time: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and Daxxcoin.


Blockchain For Record Keeping:

Blockchain can record birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, deeds and titles of ownership, rights to intellectual property, educational degrees, financial accounts, medical history, insurance claims, citizenship and voting privileges, location of portable assets, provenance of food and diamonds, job recommendations and performance ratings, charitable donations tied to specific outcomes, employment contracts, managerial decision rights and anything else that we can express in code.

BigchainDB: For high throughput, low latency, powerful query functionality, decentralized control, immutable data storage and built-in asset support.

Multichain: To help organizations build and deploy blockchain applications with more speed.


Why Choose Us As Your Blockchain Service Providers?

Oodles Technologies excels in blockchain and its related technologies including shared ledger, distributed ledger, and smart contracts. We provide a wide array of blockchain services to help you in the realization of your blockchain network.  We also use our expertise in other technologies to amalgamate them with blockchain and help amplify its value. 

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