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There are many ways you can follow to develop your own cryptocurrency exchange platform. However, you may not know what features it should have to provide maximum output.

Here’s a list that highlights some prominent features that contribute in making a stand-out cryptocurrency exchange platform.   

Security of users funds:

If your cryptocurrency exchange platform utilizes multisig, HSM and three-layer wallet system, you can ensure that you offer the highest industry security standards on the market.

Reliable in any situation:

Having the best trade engine, that’s super fast and reliable, installed at the core of the system is important, it ensures that your exchange platform is working properly in any situation and makes all your services possible.


Your platform must enable your users to trade digital assets over several trading pairs. And must have an advanced trading view to allow users to see what’s live happening across other prominent exchanges.

Professional, customizable trade view:

Your users should be able to create multiple trade views or see and analyze multiple graphs from different exchanges on a single trading view. This saves a lot of time of users as they don’t lose time switching between windows.

Why Choose Us To Develop Your Own Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform?

We, at Oodles’ Blockchain Solutions portal, ensure that you don’t miss even a single significant aspect of an exchange/trading platform as we use the best cryptocurrency development services and utilize our experience of more than 3 years in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sphere. We develop cryptocurrency exchange and trading platforms that contain above- mentioned features for easy success and fast adoption.

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