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Hyperledger Fabric is a platform used for implementing distributed ledger solutions. Its modular architecture,  which works in the backend, is flexible, resilient, confidential and scalable. Designed to be pluggable on different systems, it can also accommodate with the complex nature of the current systems.

Hyperledger fabric’s components are; plug-and-play consensus and membership services. It’s famous for its uniquely extensible and elastic architecture, making it a standout from alternative blockchain solutions. If you are looking for enterprise blockchain development, it will require to be built on top of an open-source, fully-vetted architecture. Then, the Hyperledger fabric is your set-out point.


This section highlights the core benefits of using the Hyperledger fabric for business.

Assets: Asset definitions enable the trade of anything having monetary value over the network.

Chaincode: Chaincode execution gets partitioned from transaction order. It restricts the required levels of trust and verification over node types and optimizes network performance and scalability.

Ledger Features:  Encodes the whole transaction record for each channel. The immutable, shared ledger includes SQL-like query features for effective dispute resolution and auditing.

Consensus:  An innovative approach to consensus process allows the scalability and flexibility required for the enterprise.

Why Are We a Perfect Fit For A Hyperledger Development Company?

Blockchain solutions by Oodles Technologies are developed using Hyperledger Fabric which helps segregate various levels of hierarchy within an organization. Not only we are an expert Hyperledger development company but also offer cryptocurrency wallet development services, smart contract development, trading/exchange platform development services, etc.

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