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After an excellent year for cryptocurrencies, which experienced the value of Bitcoin skyrocketing from A$1000 to above A$24,000 within just 12 months, it’s significant that cryptocurrencies are proving that they are here for a long-haul and not just a passing fad, the way a few people thought. In fact, people’s, as well as various industries’ interest in cryptocurrencies is still growing. Experts predict that 1 out of 3 millennial will be owing cryptocurrencies by the end of the year, 2018. To get a clearer picture, have a look here into some of the most exciting secure cryptocurrency applications that are currently supporting businesses.


Self-Sovereign Identity:


Taking the idea of digital identity (credentials) one level further is self-sovereign identities.

Many startups have started using the blockchain technology, the fundamental technology of cryptocurrencies, to tackle the issue of conventional identities, by creating secure, private and 100% user-owned self-sovereign identities.


Energy And Carbon Trading:


Energy distribution is one of many ways in which cryptocurrencies can help us to become more energy efficient. Grid+, for instance, is an energy retail distributor who has taken use of Ethereum blockchain for buying and selling energy for your home in real-time.


Digital Interaction:


Digital publishers and advertisers are using cryptocurrencies to figure out more efficient ways to engage audiences. Companies like SolidOpinion and  Basic Attention Token, for instance, are using cryptocurrencies to reward the creation of quality articles on the part of advertisers or publishers.


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