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Basically, Blockchain refers to an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions. The ledgers are programmed to record not only financial transactions but digitally everything of value. In layman’s terms. blockchain can be called a chain of blocks that store data, with each block working off of the previous one to create a secured chain. This defines that Blockchain is more than financial transactions. Blockchain development can be used to store all sort of data. It will be strictly chained and secure due to the fact that it’s not accessed in a centralized location but on every device connected to a blockchain network.

Blockchain networks can be partitioned into two categories: private and public. Public blockchain networks like Ethereum and Bitcoin allow users to indulge in for a cost. Within Bitcoin, users give up on their computers to ‘mine.’ In return, they are awarded with bitcoins for their efforts.

Private blockchain networks are less favored, but as blockchain development emerges, they will soon become more prevalent than ever. Private blockchains allow users access to place digital triggers that work with any system when required.


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