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Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform is self-explanatory. It’s a marketplace that enables people to trade various cryptocurrencies.

An exchange is a digital platform which presents itself as a middleman between sellers and buyers of crypto. Cryptocurrency exchanges are generally the key means of getting, selling and buying crypto.

Current trends show that cryptocurrency exchanges are likely going to be in huge demand in the coming years, especially with the growing popularity of baking operations utilizing Ethereum, Smart Contracts and other blockchain solutions, particularly with attracting capabilities like low transaction costs. People in huge numbers are looking forward to adopting cryptocurrencies and its significantly low transactions fees. Most users are using cryptocurrencies for making cross-border payments since they are quick and fast.

If you have decided to build a cryptocurrency exchange app, it usually requires some thorough preparation and research. You are about to enter the industry which, on the one hand, is not under regulation of any national rules or laws and, on the other hand, involves an investment of the large sum of money.


Why Choose Us For Developing A Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform?


Scalable and customizable cryptocurrency exchange platforms are developed by Oodles Technologies’ experienced Blockchain developers, mainly focusing on security, connectivity, and seamless environment. We help build reliable altcoin exchange software to enable fast and east transactions. Further, use of latest technologies allows us to provide robust solutions for developing cryptocurrency market as well.  If you have a cryptocurrency and looking to integrate an exchange platform, we can provide you a ready-made cryptocurrency exchange script.


Peer to Peer Exchange Platform: Why Do You Need One? >

What is peer to peer exchange platforms? Or Why you need a cryptocurrency exchange platform?

Peer to peer exchange platforms are the websites where you can sell, buy and trade cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other digital coins. A cryptocurrency exchange platform is controlled and managed by a software. Investment in cryptocurrencies is becoming the fastest growing trend in the market.

If you wish to invest in cryptocurrencies, then you will require converting your fiat currency into digital currency. And for this, you must need a P2P exchange platform. The best thing about such platform is that it will let the participants in the market exchange altcoins without the need of any third party or intermediary to process all exchanges. In the market, there are companies that act as intermediaries and serve as regular cryptocurrency exchanges. They make money from the fees collected through it. Contrarily, both parties interacting on exchange platform is handled by pre-programmed cryptocurrency exchange software with no need of middlemen. P2P exchanges are popular for their decentralized, secure and transparent system.


Advantages of Peer to Peer Exchanges

P2P exchanges are time-saving and cost-effective. They are private and secure for trading cryptocurrencies. As mentioned above, the big advantage of these platforms is no role of third parties. Let’s look at the advantages of P2P exchanges:


  • Transaction censorship resistance

    Regular cryptocurrency exchanges are in charge of people. However, these exchanges are considered vulnerable to the government. These can be exploited by imposing regulatory restrictions by governments. In fact, two big exchanges in China were intervened by people’s bank of China resulting in freezing bitcoin withdraw nearly for one month. Every user expects their funds to remain safe.  P2P exchange platforms do not require any third party or central authority in charge so the government cannot force regulations.


  • Cheap process

    Regular cryptocurrency exchanges are controlled by people and they need to be paid for their work. As there is no involvement of people in maintaining and managing P2P exchanges, they are cheaper as compared to Regular cryptocurrency exchange.


  • Privacy

    Governments are known to impose AML and KYC regulations on cryptocurrency exchanges in recent years. However, P2P exchanges are private as government intervention cannot happen in this case.


  • Secure and faster exchanges

    Peer-to-Peer exchanges are faster and secure because nobody has a control over your funds but you. That’s why it leaves you worry-less about stealing. Faster exchanges are a result of entrusting no single authority for P2P exchanges.


What are White label exchange development solutions?

White label solution refers to providing a service or creating a product so that any agency can rebrand and consecutively it can re-sell as your own product to small or big businesses. A White Label bitcoin exchange platform is a complete software for bitcoin exchange business. It allows you to rename a current industry brand name to a new brand name as per your choice. Besides this, you also get the advantage of designing your own logo and style for your product. White label solution enables you to build your own bitcoin exchange platform. Moreover, a businessman can run his own bitcoin exchanges in the market without spending too much on the customized platform from scratch. That’s why these are better for its cost-effective solution, ready-made, and fully-integrated cryptocurrency exchange platform.


What is Oodles Scaffold and How it is better for you?

Oodles Scaffold is a service that provides you ready-to-build solutions for Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development. Time is money. Both the terms are inter-related here. Longer the time needed for building a bitcoin exchange platform, greater will be the amount of money spent on it. Get away with waiting for such a long time and be speedy.

We offer you the best Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Solution that cuts down your cost and time. We provide best-quality cryptocurrency exchange software. With Oodles Scaffold , you can focus on setting up your own brand and style to sell or exchange motives.


Key Advantages of Oodles Scaffold 


  • Saves your money and time

    Creating an in-house platform from scratch requires a great deal of time, a big financial budget and a large number of human capital resources. It takes a lot of time and money in its designing, testing, infrastructure, resources and technology creation. So, you may end up busting your budget in this case. Thus, adopting to Oodles Scaffold is a better alternative to expensive investment. Plus, you get fast development results.


  • Faster and easier branding

    Oodles Scaffold provides a ready-made bitcoin exchange platform, which in turn, makes branding simpler. When you re-sell it, then you will have no concern about needing to spend time and money on research or development.

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