We enable enterprising businesses to avail blockchain benefits and provide services with end-to-end blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions. Explore our development services that cater to the business demands of industry domains like healthcare, real estate, insurance, and finance. Our clientele includes startups and established B2B companies

Blockchain in Donation

Social innovation organizations like NGOs, nonprofits, etc., require a tamper-proof ‘closed-loop’ system that generates real-time information to bring transparency to the entire value chain. Using our blockchain development services, all transactions within the donation sphere can be tracked in real-time, making sure that your consumers only pay for what they get.

Blockchain in Fintech

Financial institutions and public sector bodies can maneuver blockchain as a means of identity and transaction records. We examine and analyze your project and use the best blockchain platform and strategies for most prudent requirements like faster syndicate formation, digitization of documents, reduced settlement periods, document immutability, fundraising and so on.

Blockchain in Insurance

We offer innovative blockchain services in Insurance because we believe that blockchain can bring transformation by disrupting this sector. Using an array of our innovative blockchain offerings, you can have a decentralized digital database that can automatically validate the authenticity of customers, policies, and transactions by producing entire historical records.

Blockchain in Healthcare

Blockchain can better the healthcare industry by strengthening clinical data exchange and interoperability, streamlining claims adjudication and billing management, and enhancing drug supply chain integrity & provenance. We strive to eradicate the most complex issues of this sector by employing best blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Hyperledger, Multichain, BigchainDB, etc.

Blockchain In Real Estate

We develop best available blockchain based smart contracts that can address many of the challenges related to the property and cash flow management. A smart tenancy contract developed on the most-suited blockchain framework by us can increase transparency in lease terms and transactions. However, it’s just the surface we’ve scratched.

Blockchain in Travel and Tourism

Exploring the role of Blockchain in key travel and tourism areas promises great opportunities. Blockchain Supply Chain based solutions enable entities working within the travel and tourism sector to gain superior transparency in their supply chain. In addition, using a private blockchain can connect exporters/importers, packers and others with each other in the supply chain.


Blockchain in Legal

Blockchain’s distributed ledger technology can have positive impacts on the Legal industry and thus, we offer DLT based smart contracts blockchain solutions which can digitize legal contracts, notary and property rights. Utilize our Smart Contract development services that involve minimal risks and complexity and enable you to conduct most fair deals within the Legal sector.

Blockchain in Automotive

Blockchain could benefit the Automotive industry in a number of ways. Using blockchain supply chain solutions, Automotive supply chains can be improved amazingly. With our blockchain offerings, verifying even the most negligible electronic parts can be made easy. You can ensure that you offer flexible and affordable vehicle insurance packages to customers.

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