Blockchain In Real Estate

In an industry that still involves plenty of paperwork, blockchain-powered solutions could remodel commercial Real Estate sphere

Blockchain: To Enhance The Future of Commercial Real Estate

It is only a matter of time before the blockchain technology takes over all industries and commercial spheres. The real estate sector is already experiencing reforms in the operations/processes due to the integration of blockchain technologies such as Smart Contracts.

Blockchain in real estate can lay the foundation for digitization of land titles, multiple listing services, recording of transactions and fractional ownership of real estate assets. The technology can improve the overall transparency level in the system along with legitimizing the government-mandated real estate transactions record.

Real Estate: Existing Challenges In Leasing and Purchase and Sale Transactions:

  • Slow, expensive, and opaque financing mechanisms and payments, especially in cross-border transactions.
  • High title insurance and related costs due to chain of title and lien recording issues, fraud risk, required diligence, and cumbersome clearance processes.
  • Complexity in managing ongoing lease agreements, property operations, and cash flows.
  • Time consuming, paper-driven, predominantly offline due diligence and financial evaluation process.
  • Inefficient property search process due to fragmented listings data.

Why Consider Blockchain Development?

Financing and payments systems that are faster, cheaper, safer, and simplified

Blockchain-enabled digital identities and smart contracts can potentially reduce inefficiencies and increase transparency in the financing and payments processes.

Reduce fraud and simplify the process of title records and checks

A blockchain-based digital identity of a property may include its history, location, and title details. Any change to existing data would have to be made through a consensus across several blockchain nodes. Also, the distributed, tamper-proof, and encrypted nature make it difficult for perpetrators to commit fraud related to liens, easements, air and subsurface rights, titles, or transfers.

Connective tissue between varied technology systems refines quality of data, analysis, and decisions

Blockchain technology can provide a more open and shared database for all involved parties. This would enhance data quality and also enable real-time recording and retrieval.

Smart contracts enable easier, transparent, and efficient management of property and cash flows

The use of a smart tenancy contract on a blockchain platform would enable transparency in lease terms and transactions.

Drive efficiency and accuracy in due diligence process

A combination of blockchain technology along with digital identity diminishes challenges such as physical identity proofs, and expedites underwriting, financial evaluation, and obtaining a mortgage commitment.

Efficient and reliable property search

Using a blockchain-based MLS would enable data to be distributed across a peer-to-peer network, allowing brokers to control their data, along with increased trust.

Why Choose Oodles Blockchain

Oodles Technologies is a well-known brand in the blockchain development sphere. We are one of the best blockchain development service providers in India offering top-notch, cost-effective blockchain development services.

Blockchain Solutions backed up by a team of Skilled Developers

We are fortunate that we have some of the most proficient developers working with us. They have immense of experience in developing blockchain technology-based projects for various industry needs, including real estate, trading and many more. They have the ability to create high-quality and scalable blockchain-based real estate applications.

Developer at Oodles Tech works feasibly with many major development platforms to provide you with a range of possible blockchain solutions. We develop blockchain and real estate related projects for startups and businesses of all sizes based on the latest mobile and web technologies.
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