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Cryptocurrency Development Services

Through our trusted cryptocurrency development services, Oodles helps your mission-driven enterprises forge a successful entry into the expanding cryptocurrency industry. We offer complete assistance throughout the entire process of designing and putting a cryptocurrency coin into use

Cryptocurrency/Altcoin and Token Development

Develop a New Blockchain System and its Native Crypto Token

We create an innovative coin as well as a distinctive blockchain platform. The user-defined consensus mechanism, a unique feature set for the blockchain system, and bespoke transaction recording rules are all options

Develop a New Blockchain System and its Native Crypto Token

Fork an Existing Blockchain Platform

We alter the open-source code of an existing blockchain protocol (like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Stellar) in accordance with your requirements to produce a new cryptocurrency with special features and operating principles that can operate independently on your current blockchain platform

Cryptocurrency Development | Tech Stack

Types of Crypto Token Development

Crypto Coins

Develop cryptocurrency assets that serve as a representation of a virtual currency, a medium of exchange, and a store of value

Utility tokens

Provide users a means of payment for services and utility of a platform or application that a business maintains

Security Tokens

Issue security-backed token to raise funds and represent an investor’s digital share of equity, asset or part of the revenue

Governance tokens

Provide users the power to modify a cryptocurrency protocol, such as modifying token distribution mechanisms or governance model


Peg crypto tokens to the value of a fiat currency, commodity, or other crypto assets, to maintain a stable price through a regulatory system

Top Reasons to Work with Oodles

Model for Ideal Cooperation

We offer dedicated teams, team augmentation, and full cryptocurrency development outsourcing to give businesses the precise amount of collaboration they require for speedy and affordable implementation of their cryptocurrency solution

Continuous Cooperation

We provide cryptocurrency development in close coordination with project stakeholders to fully meet their specific cryptocurrency needs and gain a thorough grasp of their needs for crypto assets 

On-time Deliveries 

To assure the implementation of a top-notch cryptocurrency solution on time and within budget, we promise a speedy project start (1-2 weeks) and regular releases (every 2-3 weeks). We also use well-established Lean, Agile, and DevOps cultures.

Security First

Our cryptocurrency development firm enacts procedures to guarantee that the cryptocurrency solution complies with ISO 27001/27002, AML/KYC rules, FINRA, GDPR, and other pertinent international, national, and sector-specific standards and laws. 

Oodles Cryptocurrency Development Model

Our custom altcoin and cryptocurrency services involve various essential development aspects for providing secure, stable, and scalable solutions. They include blockchain technology solutions like consensus algorithms, wallet creation, wallet APIs, and blockchain explorer creation

Cryptocurrency/Token Creation 

Our blockchain experts are adept in understanding specific business requirements and subsequently, suggesting the right consensus algorithms for innovative cryptocurrency and altcoin solutions and token development 

Whitepaper Creation

Comprehensive whitepaper services to analyze achievable goals, show a clear roadmap to users, and introduce your newly developed cryptocurrency to the market 

Block Explorer Creation 

Blockchain Explorer creation to track various activities of the blockchain platform like all kinds of cryptocurrency transactions, addresses, and blocks

Wallet Development 

Compliant crypto wallet development services with advanced security features for fintech applications like crypto development, crypto exchanges, STOs, and ICOs

Why Choose Oodles as your Cryptocurrency
Development Company

In cryptocurrency development, since 2017 
A large talent pool of cryptocurrency developers skilled in developing critical blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Hyperledger, Stellar, and more
Proven Solidity development excellence
In software development since 2009
Developed compliant decentralized banking and fintech solutions focusing on essential banking and finance standards and regulations
Expertise in software development across 30+ industries, including supply chain, manufacturing, healthcare, and more 

Our Process for Cryptocurrency Development Services and Solution