Stellar Blockchain Development Services

Developing Stellar app solutions for quick, reliable, and low-cost transactions

We build fintech applications that provide fast, reliable,and low-cost payments with Stellar technology. Our Stellar app solutions range from simple smart contracts to complex payment infrastructures with point-to-point transactions

Stellar development benefits with Oodles

We enable seamless transactions between financial institutions, enterprises and people by creating fintech applications with Stellar Smart Contract

Oodles stellar application development services

Enabling businesses to utilize Stellar applications for efficient financial operations
Stellar payment application development
Custom Payment App Development
User-friendly payment solutions that support real-time transactions
Custom payment application development
Mobile Financial Application Development
Effortless to mobile-based financial services and interoperable mobile money
Remittance application development
Remittance Application Development
Cost-effective inter-currency cross-border payments and transactions
Micro financing application development
Microfinancing Application Development
Financial services to authorize microcredits and set up low-cost accounts
Micro payments application development
Micropayments Application Development
Efficient and incremental payment options to customers

Improving payment mechanisms with stellar blockchain

We develop decentralized fintech apps with Stellar to enhance the transactional capabilities of businesses. Here is how we use Stellar smart contract to develop fintech apps
Stellar Creating Multi signatures
Creating Multi-signatures
Appropriate authorization process to execute operations involving multiple parties
Facilitating Atomicity
Facilitating Atomicity
Implementation of transactions only after the correct execution of each composite operation
Adopting Time Bounds
Adopting Time Bounds
Execution of operations in pre-defined time periods
Using Sequences
Using Sequences
Unambiguous order of operations to ensure reliable outcomes from transactions

Our stellar application development process

We adopt best practices to develop Stellar applications that streamline complex financial transactions to implement use cases efficiently

Requirement Analysis

Analyzing business concept and evaluating implementation logic with the right technology


Architecture & Design

Design Stellar blockchain based application architecture and flow as per business need


Application Development

Developing smart contract to meet business needs and integrating it with the application flow



Testing environment deployment, production environment deployment , and go live

Stellar app development tools

We develop decentralized fintech apps with Stellar to enhance the transactional capabilities of businesses. Here is how we use Stellar smart contract to develop fintech apps
Stellar Core
Stellar Core
The node that establishes a connection with the Stellar ecosystem
Horizon API Server
Horizon API Server
A Client facing API server that acts as an interface between the application and Stellar core for various application like transaction submission and status verification
Bridge Server
Bridge Server
An acting bridge between application, federation and compliance server for faster development
Federation Server
Federation Server
Converts a human-readable address to account Id on Stellar network
Compliance Server
Compliance Server
Checks an application’s regulatory compliance as per Stellar compliance protocol pertaining to anti-money laundering and other financial risks