Stellar Blockchain Development

Avail Oodles’ Expertise in Stellar blockchain Development Services to Build Transformative DeFi Solutions, Including Cross-Border Payment Systems, Remittance Solutions, Trading Applications, and More

IBM World Wire, a cutting-edge network for cross-border payments, utilizes the Stellar-powered blockchain network.

Advantages of Building with our Stellar Blockchain Development Services

To advance in the emerging DeFi space, our blockchain developers prefer using Stellar Blockchain. Building fintech solutions on Stellar blockchain enables fast, cost-effective, and secure cross-border transactions, payments, and digital asset exchange. The following are some of the most significant benefits of Stellar blockchain app development

Scalable Network Operations

A Stellar-based network is highly scalable. It can execute thousands of transactions per second for operations like payments, microtransactions, and others

Low-Cost Transactions

During low network activity, it requires users to pay the network minimum. It currently charges 100 stroops (0.00001 XLM) per transaction

Faulty Transactions Resolution

It makes it possible to reverse disputed transactions caused due to business irregularities and freeze issued assets associated with those transactions

Quick, Global Transactions

Even from the farthest reaches of the globe, an efficient and secure Stellar blockchain-based fintech solution can complete transactions instantly

Traceable Transactions

Stellar blockchain provides a high level of accountability and transparency. Users can track each transaction easily and promptly in case of a discrepancy

Ultra-Secure Network

Stellar blockchain makes use of public-key cryptography, implying that the code is well-understood and thoroughly tested for high security

Auditable Contract Codes

Due to not being Turing Complete, Stellar Smart Contracts generate efficient and auditable codes. Thus, it leads to strengthened security

Our Stellar Blockchain Development Process

Our Stellar Blockchain Solutions

Cross border payment Solutions
We build stellar Blockchain solutions for international payments that guarantee smooth, quick Transactions with shorter Turnaround times .
Asset Management System
We develop Stellar-based asset management solutions that enable real-time exchange and traceability of assets with no scope of data tampering.
Remittance Solutions
Our Stellar remittance solutions deliver rapid and verifiable cross-border transfers by linking to anchors , known as legal distribution partners .
Global Trade Solutions
Our developers develop Stellar based smart contracts that guarantees swift and reliable international trade while automating efficient delivery and settlement of asset.
Payment Solutions
Our Stellar blockchain payment solutions facilitates frictionless , Peer-to-peer transactions anywhere in world with high level security and transparency
Micro Payment Solutions
Our Developers create financial Solutions that enable customers to execute frictionless incremental payments in small amounts for services over time.

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The digital currency market has seen a substantial increase in recent years. The fundamental grounds for its rise are viability, security, and privacy, with blockchain technology playing a significant role. Stellar is an open-source blockchain development platform that allows you to cost-effectively harness blockchain technology while making use of its remarkable capabilities.

Install the SDK for the technology you want to use and connect it to the Horizon network. Create accounts and assets. Define transaction costs and execute transactions. Create a payment transaction and monitor the system.

As a reliable company that offers a suite of Stellar Blockchain Development services, we also possess expertise in developing a custom software solution on the Stellar Blockchain network.

Yes, depending on your needs and preferences, you can employ a specialized Stellar blockchain development team. We'll provide you with our developers' resumes for your Stellar blockchain development team. You can then choose the one that best suits your requirements, and that team of professionals will devote themselves entirely to your project.

The cost of a Blockchain project is determined by a variety of elements, including the project scope, technological stack, necessary man-hours, engagement model, business aim, and more. Having said that, we strive to strike a balance between price and quality to provide the best possible service.

Our consultant will learn about your Blockchain wallet development needs, including on-chain and off-chain components. Following that, we'll devise a PoC development approach that is both cost-effective and future-ready, as well as compatible with your existing IT environment and achieves your business objectives.

Yes, you certainly can. We provide team augmentation services, in which our skilled professionals collaborate with your team to get the most out of in-house or outsourced Blockchain development.