Blockchain-based Video Streaming Solutions

Build Advanced Live and On-demand Video Streaming Platforms With Blockchain

Netflix could Save $138m/mo through the applications of blockchain-based identities in the streaming space- Forbes

Blockchain-Based Video Streaming App Development

We provide blockchain development services with platforms like Ethereum, Hyperledger, and more for public/permissioned live and on-demand streaming solutions. They consist of features like scalability, security, and traceability. Transform the delivery, consumption, and payment systems for streaming services and disrupt the competition

  • Blockchain-Based Profile

    Secure digital identity-based account creation that contains immutable users interests and info

  • Search and Geolocation

    An easy-to-use tool that uses geolocation and finds broadcasts based on users’ current location

  • Video Resolution Conversion

    Division of video into smaller segments to reduce extensive memory usage for server uploads

  • Incentivized User Interactions

    Incentivization methods for users to view, comment, and share content with family and friends 

  • Multiple Payment Gateway

    Customizable, flexible crypto-based secure payment options, including digital cards and others

  • Multi-Access and Multi-Lingual

    Multi-country access with multi-lingual streaming options to connect the global audiences

  • User Ratings and Reviews

    Reward mechanisms for users to rate and review a particular video accessible by other users

Blockchain Applications in Video Streaming Services

  • Limited, Expensive Pricing Models


    Consumers demand “per-use” payment models for OTT/VOD subscriptions instead of all-you-can-watch pricing


    With blockchain-powered micro-payments solutions, facilitate flexible media distribution and monetization models that offer users access to content as per usage

  • Complex, inconvenient Advertising Models


    Online content monetization still heavily depends on annoying advertising models, including several intermediaries


    Connect advertisers with the right audience with more precise and relevant advertising. Reduce advertising wastage and augment productivity and revenue

  • Confusing & Inaccurate Royalty Payments


    Royalty payments comprises multiple contracts between stakeholders, including contractual complexities making settlement processes inefficient


    Capture accurate consumption-based analysis of playtimes/usage to facilitate real-time micro-allocation of royalty payments

  • Inefficient, Complex C2C /P2P Rights and Sharing


    Digital piracy, duplication, infringement of intellectual property (IP), and more cost media companies millions annually


    Prevent illegal file sharing and copyright infringements with traceability blockchain-based identities of content creators and consumers and micro-transactions

  • Multi-Country Media Streaming Access


    Subscribers often cannot access content once they are in another country due to country-specific license purchase limitations


    Develop DRM and billing systems with multi-country/region access. Provide enhanced customer experience with seamless subscription models across countries

Live and On-Demand Video Streaming App Development
with Blockchain

  • Video-on-Demand Streaming

    Develop video-on-demand streaming services with blockchain that pay content owners based on usage viewing and enable viewers to pay as per metered viewing. With smart contracts, optimize royalty management, strengthen content distribution, consumption, and payment models, and unlock a wider audience reach across geographics with multi-country access. Also, facilitate inventive loyalty management programs to ensure long-term consumer commitment

  • Live Media Streaming Solutions

    Build cost-efficient, secure, and scalable live streaming solutions that enable users to build live or on-demand video apps and power their video functionality. Enable users to seamlessly stream surveillance, conferences, gaming, coding, entertainment, educational courses, and more with blockchain-enabled security and efficiency. Significantly reduce high streaming bills or infrastructure costs with faster TPS and scalability powered by the underlying technology

  • Audio Streaming Applications

    Build smart contract solutions that address royalty payment and rights holders' issues within the audio streaming industry, including on-demand music, educational podcast, and more. Enable content creators to stream their music directly and receive a significant share of streaming revenues. Prevent piracy and facilitate inventive payment methods like microtransactions and metered viewing for artists and users with blockchain-licensed intellectual property integration

  • Content Delivery Networks

    Develop a decentralized CDN network that serves streaming services to end-users with cost-efficiency, high availability, performance, and scalability across a global network. Provide a fast, secure, and transparent video content delivery that rewards its end-users for contributing their excess PC bandwidth and resources and earn tokens (like ERC-20 standard-based) for help relaying video streams with platforms like Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda, and more

Innovative Monetization Models for Streaming Service
Powered by Blockchain

Transactional On-Demand Streaming

Enable users to pay only for a particular content streaming 

Advertisement-based On-Demand Streaming

Provide ad-free content access and enable users to pay-per-view

Advertisement-free Live Streaming 

Broadcast TV shows & events on live streaming without ads 

Subscription-based On-Demand Streaming

Integrate flexible all-you-can-watch subscription-based models

Push On-Demand Streaming Solution 

Enable downloading and sharing of content with royalty tracking

Blockchain Platforms Stack for Live, Video, and On-Demand Streaming Platform Development

Hyperlegder Project Hyperledger
Ethereum Blockchain Ethereum
Corda Blockchain Corda
Hedera Hashgraph Hedera Hashgraph
NEM Blockchain NEM
EOS Blockchain EOS
BigchainDB blockchain BigchainDB
Multichain Multichain

Other Technologies

Google Cloud
Fire TV

Our Blockchain Development Process for Streaming Solutions


About ten years ago, blockchain technology came into the tech scene with the introduction of Bitcoin. It led many businesses to consider blockchain and cryptocurrencies synonymous. However, the value proposition of the blockchain indeed extends way beyond. Essentially, it enables two or more individuals, companies, or computers to exchange value in digital environments without needing an intermediary between them, such as a third-party, with security, efficiency, and innovation. In the context of streaming app development, blockchain as an underlying technology uses this concept to enable the development of solutions. Consequently, its applications provide the capability to address existing challenges like user privacy, high costs for content creators and users, innovation limitation, and more while also facilitating opportunities for new business streams, like inventing loyalty management, crypto payments, and more.

Because blockchain technologies provide inventive mechanisms for verifying, securing, and sharing data, they’re ideal for managing the digital rights of content creators and the privacy of users as well as multi-party, inter-organizational contracts. It leads to increased trust of content owners, involvement for a larger audience considering the security and loyalty benefits, and more. As a whole, alongside the benefits like security, efficiency, transparency, and trust, blockchain can prove to be game-changing for branding that reflects innovation and customer value.

At this point, if you are thinking about how much it may cost for streaming app development like Twitch, Netflix, Spotify, and more with blockchain, it can be expensive. Traditionally, an efficient streaming app development ranges between around $170,000 as per a Clutch survey. However, we need to keep in mind that this is not a traditional kind of app. It requires advanced implementation and a lot of functionality of blockchain and its applications. In that case, the cost for a blockchain-based app can raise significantly than other standard centralized app development. If you are on a shoestring budget, the right choice is to begin exploring technology with MVP or PoC development for your video streaming platform. Along with proving cost-efficient, it gives you vital insights into investments, feasibility, and revenue estimation for full-scale app development.

Developing a streaming platform, including live and on-demand, with blockchain technology enables content owners to get direct access to their royalty as per usage created on the network. It provides technology infrastructure for streaming services development that facilitates customers to pay only for what they want to stream instead of an all-you-can-watch basis. Content owners also benefit from implementing reliable and secure data storage mechanisms of blockchain technology.

On-demand mobile video streaming apps are something that you find in more and more households. Some of the most popular ones are Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Sling. Developing a blockchain-based streaming platform challenges the status quo. It provides stakeholders the capability to eliminate any intermediary dependence required for processes and contracts. Thereby, it reduces the cost and ensures efficiency. Content owners, users, and service providers together benefit from blockchain-powered functionality like loyalty management, royalty management, distributed CDN (content delivery networks), and more.

Traditionally, the implementation of content delivery networks has helped to provide for a better infrastructure online. However, it also creates opportunities for introducing new technologies and systems like blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and smart contracts. The advancement of blockchain technology provides a decentralized and secure platform to connect content providers (CPs) with users directly at low cost and increased efficiency and security. They establish content transparency and preserve user privacy for non-registered CPs.