Turnkey Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Oodles Scaffold Provides a Ready-to-use Bundle of Customizable Components

"Avail a turnkey cryptocurrency exchange software within 6 weeks"

Oodles Scaffold provides all ideal features of a cryptocurrency trading exchange platform solution

  • Admin Portal

  • Multi level

  • KYC

  • Liquidity Provider

  • Real Time
    Market Watch

  • Candlestick Chart

  • Reporting

  • Type of Orders

  • Multi Instruments

  • Multi Currency

Features of Oodles scaffold cryptocurrency exchange platform solution

KYC Compliance

Oodles Scaffold’s KYC module provides a simple and secure medium for user identity and trust management. It prevents non-KYC compliant users from conducting any trading activities. In addition, we can develop an automated KYC mechanism that works by integrating with third-party screening APIs

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    User Identity and Trust Management

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    KYC automation

Smart Contract Development
File Management and Sharing Services
Admin Portal

An admin portal is available to handle all administration related tasks. Oodles Scaffold makes it easy to manage tasks like user listing, profile information, wallets, trade reports, configurations for commissions, spreads, and commission accounts. Also, Oodles Scaffold’s admin panel has the provision for fine tuning configurations to suit different markets, currencies, taxation, trading fees, spread, and other liquidity provider configurations

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    Task Management with Advanced Customizations

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    Responsiveness to Changing Market Conditions

Multi-instruments Trading

Multi-instrument trading facilities are available in the admin panel for enabling multi-instrument order booking. Administrators can use trading facilities to setup multiple markets or instruments. They can enable users to view their trade history and cancel open orders to suit their requirements

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    Multi-instrument Orders

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    Trade History and Order Cancellation

Cryptocurrency Development Services
Financial Application Development
Multi-level Authentication

Logins, withdrawals and profile updates are subject to multi-level authentication for ensuring top-tier security. With Oodles Scaffold, your account transforms into a super secure asset that has additional layers of OTP, email and Google authentication

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    Top-tier Security including 2 factor authentication

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    OTP, Email and Google Authentication Layers

Multi-currency Wallet

Our multi-currency wallet integration enables users to manage multiple currencies with the same wallet. Oodles Scaffold supports payment methods like ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, and multiple fiat currencies as part of our base package. It covers all basic functionalities like deposits, withdrawals, address regeneration, transaction history, and balance inquiry

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    One Wallet for Multiple Currency Management

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    Support for ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH and Multiple Fiat Currencies

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    Support for tokens

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Hedera Migration Services

Downloadable CSV reports pertaining to user list, customer balance, order book, organization ledger and trade are available. We can add more reports to suit your specific business requirements

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    Downloadable CSV Reports

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    Additional Reports on Demand

Types of Orders

Our base package of cryptocurrency exchange development services includes limit orders and market orders. Trades like stop order, limit order, conditional order and margin order are available in our advanced package to meet your trading goals

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    Base Package with Limit and Market Orders

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    Advanced Package with Multiple Order Types

Hedera Migration Services
Hedera Migration Services
Multiple Country/Language Support

Flexibility for supporting multiple languages. It enables you to launch your exchange in various countries. Also, flexibility provides the capability to launch exchanges with different configurations in multiple countries


Insufficient liquidity creates operational challenges. Oodles Scaffold avoids such situations with its capacity to integrate with external exchanges and liquidity providers

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    Integration with external exchange through APIs

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    Configurable liquidity settings such as spread percentage available in admin module

Hedera Migration Services

Customizable Architecture (Add-on feature)

Flexibility is a necessary feature of Oodles Scaffold’s data architecture that accommodates additional features. It caters to any specific requirement you may have and support a complete financial ecosystem

  • Referral program

    Users can send referral codes or promo codes to their friends and earn referral bonus when their friends transact

  • Merchant Integration

    Merchants can register their website with the exchange and integrate a code snippet to enable cryptocurrency payments for users

  • Automated payment modules

    The provision for automated deposit and withdrawals of fiat currency is available with payment gateway integration

  • Multiple liquidity providers

    Integrations with multiple external exchanges are possible to ensure liquidity at all times.

    Our cryptocurrency exchange development services can convert your current financial ecosystem into a new and improved version of itself

Cryptocurrency Development Services

Our cryptocurrency exchange development process

sto development methodology
sto development methodology