Ethereum Application
Development Services

Secure, decentralized and tamper-proof
Ethereum based business solutions
We create highly secure, reliable and scalable solutions to enhance operational efficiency with our Ethereum app development services. They include designing and developing decentralized apps, ERC20 contracts, smart contracts, and much more for a variety of industries

Ethereum smart contract with Oodles

Our developers are skilled at creating efficient smart contracts with solidity programming

Oodles ethereum development services

Our Ethereum application development services fulfill the business requirements of specific use cases
Smart Contract Development
Our developers create smart contracts that integrate with web and mobile applications
Token Development
We develop mintable, burnable, haltable, and transferable contracts using token standards
DApps Development
We build database-agnostic DApps for effective implementation of enterprise use cases

Ethereum development tools

Language to write Ethereum compatible smart contract
API interface to connect the application with Ethereum node
Development and testing framework for compiling, linking and deploying Ethereum smart contracts
Enables Ethereum dApps operations in the browser with running a full Ethereum node
Command line tool to interface with Ethereum node
solidity compiler to compile smart contracts
Framework for reusable and upgradable smart contract development
Facilitate Ethereum oracle service to smart contract in a trusted environment

Oodles ethereum development methodology

Our unique Ethereum application development methodology ensures seamless delivery and deployment

Requirement analysis

Analyzing use cases and understanding the business requirements


Design and architecture

Defining the technical architecture of the application and the smart contract agreements 



Developing smart contracts conditions to integrate with the application


Testing and deployment

Deploying on testnet, load testing, deployment on mainnet and going live

Ethereum applications

Achieving transactional efficiency with simplified smart contracts
Finance and Accounting
Simplified fintech applications to execute complex transactions
Real Estate
STO development models to provide open access to real estate investments
Healthcare systems for secure storage and high accessibility of data
SCM and Logistics
Solutions to integrate data silos and automate approvals of transactions
Information Technology
Distributed networks, reliable data feed, and trusted computing ecosystem
Cryptocurrency Trading
Secure multi-currency wallets, token systems, and crypto-assets
Crowdsale on cryptographically secure and tamper-proof network
DAO Development
Trustworthy automation of decentralized autonomous organizations

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