Hyperledger Application
Development Services

Streamlining business processes with applications
that enhance trust and accountability
Our Hyperledger applications development solutions enable businesses to streamline their processes with transparent and efficient transactions. Our blockchain experts evaluate the multiple benefits of Hyperledger to apply them with technologies that fulfill your business requirements

Hyperledger benefits with Oodles

We build Hyperledger applications to provide the benefits of blockchain technologies to enterprises

Oodles hyperledger development services

Our blockchain experts develop Hyperledger solutions that streamline business processes and maintain legal conformity to reduce transaction costs and complexities
Hyperledger Consulting and Development
Our Hyperledger app development services are about evaluating and developing specific business use cases for multiple industries
Hyperledger Smart Contract Development
We create modular and pluggable smart contract components using chaincode and explore its beneficial applications with Hyperledger Fabric
Hyperledger Architecture and Design
Our blockchain experts evaluate your requirements to identify and design applications that are effective for your business
Hyperledger Performance Engineering
We develop customized blockchain solutions that fine-tune Hyperledger processing parameters for better operational performance

Hyperledger application development

Our Hyperledger application development services provide the benefits of blockchain technologies to mainstream businesses. We use the following Hyperledger applications
Hyperledger Fabric
Building plug-n-play features with Hyperledger Fabric’s modular development environment
Hyperledger Indy
Generating independent digital identities that are interoperable across administrative domains, applications, and other silos
Hyperledger Sawtooth
Building plug-n-play features with Hyperledger Fabric’s modular development environment
Hyperledger Burrow
Catering to the modular blockchain client requirements of Hyperledger applications with a Permissioned smart contract interpreter

Hyperledger development tools

We use the following Hyperledger tools to deliver our Hyperledger app development services
Hyperledger Cello
Reducing efforts required to create, manage, and terminate blockchains with an on-demand deployment model
Hyperledger Composer
Developing simple smart contract and blockchain applications with Composer’s collaboration tools
Hyperledger Explorer
Creating user-friendly web applications that enable multiple actions on any relevant information stored in the ledger
Hyperledger Quilt
Enabling Interledger protocol to achieve interoperability between ledgers with atomic swaps
Hyperledger Calliper
Measuring the performance of specific blockchain implementations with a set of predefined use cases to set benchmarks

Oodles hyperledger applications

Our Hyperledger solutions provide an edge over conventional enterprise technologies with new capabilities
Education and Research
Distributed Ledger Technology(DLT) applications to improve management of records, processes, and service delivery
Permissioned blockchain applications that facilitate real-time data sharing and secure health record storage
Financial Services
Fintech applications for streamlined settlements, transparent transactions, and improved liquidity
Energy and Resources
Carbon asset management solutions that enable enterprises to decrease the carbon footprint
Government and Legal
Hyperledger applications that eliminate redundancy in legal processes and increase accessibility of public services
Digital Identity Management
Applications for self-sovereign, independent and decentralized management of data and records
Media and Entertainment
Decentralized platforms that enable content creators to earn revenue in real time and in full transparency
Mobility and Transport
Efficient telemetry and tracking systems that improve public transport and mobility
Non-profit and Social Impact
DApps for NGOs to improve data flow, reduce the cost of operation, and facilitate seamless cross-border payments
Real Estate
Blockchain application that enhances accountability and trust in real estate operations
Decentralized POS applications for the retail industry that ensure transparent and fast transactions
Supply Chain
Coherent tracking and payment systems for efficient management and process efficiency of supply chains

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