Hedera Hashgraph Development Services

Develop Efficient, Secure, and Reliable Decentralized Applications

Hedera Hashgraph is one of the key distributed ledger technologies we use to develop efficient, scalable, and robust enterprise-level decentralized applications. Our Hedera Hashgraph-based solutions easily overcome the challenges of stability, security, performance, governance, and regulatory compliance

Our Hedera Hashgraph Application Development Services

We develop commercial-grade dApp platforms and provide migration solutions to Hedera’s distributed ledger. Our Hedera Hashgraph development services create business opportunities for collaboration, security, and scalability

Smart Contract Development

We provide efficient dApp development services using Hedera’s features and Solidity™ smart contracts. We use Hashgraph functionalities to develop smart contracts that are easy and fast to deploy and use with low transaction fees

Smart Contract Development
File Management and Sharing Services

File Management and Sharing Services

We enable the management and verification of decentralized files or external data pointers (Hash) using Hedera File Service API. Stakeholders can create efficient file-sharing services with controlled mutability, a globally distributed network, and high availability

Cryptocurrency Development Services

Our services include HBAR utility tokens to create micropayment solutions that are efficient and provide high performance. They enable fast transaction processing, smart contracts execution, and secure distributed file storage

Cryptocurrency Development Services
Financial Application Development

Financial Application Development

Our services facilitate easy deployment of financial applications to the Hedera Hashgraph platform with bank-grade security using Ethereum Virtual Machine. They resolve transaction disputes with cryptography and smart contracts

Healthcare Management Solutions

We develop interoperable, scalable, and secure platforms to store, exchange, and instantly verify healthcare providers’ information and credentials with paperwork reduction, compliance, credentials expiry alerts, and task automation

Healthcare Management Solutions
Hedera Migration Services

Hedera Migration Services

We deploy business layers by coding them into smart contracts. We conduct live centralized applications migration to the decentralized platform by committing transactions to the Hedera network

Hedera Hashgraph Application Development | Value Offerings

We have a dynamic blockchain development team that is adept at developing fast DApps with unique consensus protocols and top-notch security implementations

  • Fast

    Fast transactions with guaranteed finality, low latency, and assurance of being quicker than blockchain

  • Fair

    Security from nodes affecting or manipulating the transaction order with fair access, ordering, and timestamps

  • Secure

    DDoS (denial of service) and Sybil attack security with asynchronous byzantine fault-tolerant

  • Stable

    A network with local and global data compliance governed by limited organizations with no permitted forks

Hedera Hashgraph Applications

The blockchain team at Oodles has experience in developing fast and well-run DApps for diverse industry domains like healthcare, music, and micropayments

Microlending Platform

Scalable and robust peer-to-peer lending platforms that connect borrowers and lenders with automated smart contracts to accelerate lending processes and remove intermediaries

Healthcare Applications

Secure data transfer and automated compliance-related tasks execution for easy collaborations among stakeholders. Development tools to fulfill the needs like security and scalability

Media and Entertainment

Online social entertainment solutions with smart contracts to democratize access and distribution globally. Creation of an economy of micropayments for content providers and users

Real Estate

Investment platforms for tokenized real estate assets with liquidity and security of public markets. Development of a single platform connecting all stakeholders of the network


Inexpensive and real-time payment solutions are available as browser extensions. Instant and fee-free transactions in cryptocurrencies to pay for services