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Oodles Blockchain is the blockchain development arm of Oodles Technologies. We have rich experience in designing and developing robust blockchain solutions for businesses operating in diverse industries. Our experienced and skilled blockchain development experts enable us to showcase our leadership in fostering the community of blockchain enthusiasts. They strengthen our efforts to develop blockchain solutions for organizations as well as individuals who want to make a global impact with their disruptive ideas. We have earned the distinction of being an early mover in the blockchain space with a demonstrable track record of building impactful solutions.

What Connects Us?

Connects Us

What Connects Us?

We aim to fulfill our clients’ expectations with blockchain development services that turn business processes into growth enablers. We have the skills and drive to develop advanced blockchain solutions for industries like healthcare, finance, education, and more. Our collective vision is to be a globally recognized blockchain firm that embeds ethical and transparent business practices in its solutions. Our efforts to assist startups and established businesses in bringing their ideas to life give us a sense of achievement.

Connects Us

Meet Our Core Team

Anuj Khurana

Vice President- Technology

Anuj Khurana has more than eight years of experience in developing web and mobile applications. As the Vice President-Technology at Oodles, he leads our blockchain development team that identifies, builds, and implements distributed ledger technology like Blockchain-based solutions across diverse industries. He keeps our development teams on the cutting edge of advancements in Blockchain, AI, and IoT. His specialties include consulting, analysis, and development of blockchain applications with Ethereum, Stellar, Corda, BigchainDB, and others. Managing blockchain projects from concept to implementation makes him an excellent blockchain delivery manager.

Vaibhav Vashisth

Technical Project Manager

Vaibhav Vashishth is a technical project manager with over seven years of experience in web and mobile development. He manages development projects related to blockchain-based smart contracts, custom crypto trading/exchange and cryptocurrency/token creation, and hybrid web and mobile app solutions. His specializations also include developing PoCs (Proof-of-Concept), PoWs (Proof-of-Work), and DPoS (Delegated Proof-of-Stake) on Blockchain for diverse industries. He has a good grasp over technicalities and usability of programming languages like Core Java, Solidity, and Python, and databases like SQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, and others .

Avnish Pandey

Lead - Development

Avnish Pandey has tasted early success in the field of web and app development with his hands-on skills and knowledge. With only three years of experience, he is working with Oodles as a lead of the backend development team. His expertise includes working on projects related to blockchain and cryptocurrency and exchange platform development for a range of industries. Avnish has worked on various programming languages like Java, Python, JavaScript, Solidity, and others, and databases like MySQL, MongoDB, and others. He also has good knowledge of core and advanced Java, Spring, and Hibernate Framework.

Amit Kumar

Lead - Development

Amit Kumar is a senior backend developer with more than five years of experience. He leads the blockchain development team at Oodles. He has significant experience in working with blockchain integrations in business solutions with platforms like Ethereum, BigchainDB, Multichain, and more. His blockchain expertise lies in developing Ethereum-based smart contracts like ERC token contracts with Solidity. He possesses deft knowledge of different consensus mechanisms like POW, PoSV, and more. He is well-professed with technology languages like Java, Solidity, Python, and more, and databases like Spring Boot, NodeJS, MySql, MongoDB, and more .

Himanshu Kumar

Sr. Associate Consultant - Development

Himanshu Kumar is a skilled web and mobile software developer who has a demonstrable history of working on diverse blockchain-based projects. He possesses a comprehensive understanding of developing blockchain solutions with different frameworks like Ethereum, Stellar, and PoW based blockchains, programming languages like Java, Solidity, and Python, and databases like Javascript, Jquery, Backbone.JS, MySQL, and MongoDB. At Oodles, he focuses on ensuring that the development of solutions is of high grade, reliable, and serves the purpose of innovation. He aims to become a distributed applications architect, researcher, and software engineer.

Himani Sharma

Sr. Associate Consultant- QA

Himani Sharma has three years and seven months of QA experience encompassing all phases of SDLC, including risk analysis, project planning, scheduling, testing, defect tracking, management, and reporting. She is adept at using manual, automated, mobile, API, and load testing tools for troubleshooting systems, functionality, and more. She is skilled at developing use cases, user interface specifications, and user requirement specification documents. She liaises with developers, business analysts, and user representatives for application design and document reviews. She has worked on domains like blockchain, supply chain management, ERP, and others.

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Our Service Offerings

Smart Contract

Smart Contract Development

We create robust blockchain smart contract solutions for credible and secure business operations and transactions with no intermediaries

Blockchain Application

Blockchain Application Development

We develop blockchain applications using platforms like Corda, Credits, and Hyperledger to improve processes and generate new revenue streams

Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain Solutions Development

We build blockchain solutions to enhance complex business processes in diverse industries like Healthcare, Education, and Insurance

Fintech Application

Fintech Application Development

We engineer applications for asset-backed cryptocurrency solutions, exchange platforms, STO development, and crypto-wallets

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