Blockchain Education Application Development

Exploring blockchain technologies to digitize education systems

“ The most promising use case for blockchain in higher education is to transform the “record-keeping” of degrees, certificates, and diplomas." as per Gartner

Blockchain Applications in Education

Our blockchain team uses technologies like IPFS, NEM, and Hyperledger to improve overall educational operations. It programs bug-free smart contracts to automate the verification of transcripts and credentials with traceability and security. We are seasoned at building POCs for processes like academic credit systems and cross-industry collaboration

Immutable Transcripts Web

Reduce fraudulent claims in credit systems and streamline academic credentials’ verification system with immutable ledgers

Secure Student Records

Develop secure end-to-end information exchange systems with comprehensive directories of immutable student records

Easy Financial Management

Create peer-to-peer payment processes for institutions to securely disburse scholarships, salaries, and project funds

Decentralized Cooperation

Facilitate decentralized information exchange to establish transparent cooperation between institutions and students

Micropayment Systems

Use simplified cross-currency micropayment systems for educational resources with fast and cost-effective transactions

Blockchain Use Cases in Education