Security Token Offering
Development Services

Crowdfund your business with legally compliant
token development framework
Our STO development services include utility and security token development on different blockchain platforms with compliance to financial regulatory standards like ST-20, ERC-20, ERC-721. We develop STO and ICO solutions on blockchains like Ethereum, Stellar, and EOS

Oodles STO development service features

We enable businesses to join an extensive pool of global investors and successfully launch an STO

Security token offering services

We provide STO development services that enable trouble-free creation, issuance, management, and trading of different types of security tokens
Equity Token Development
Tokenization of company’s stocks on blockchain platform like Ethereum or Stellar
Debt Token Development
Tokenization of assets representing debt instruments with smart contracts solutions on blockchain
Asset-backed Token Development
Tokenization of tangible or intangible assets on a proprietary blockchain platform

STO development benefits with Oodles

Our development services facilitate the compliant trading of tokenized securities
Integrating smart functions in token contracts to enable secure, simplified, and automated transfer of full or partial ownership with adherence to traditional private securities laws
Cost Effective
Tokenizing assets or financial instruments for online trading with almost zero administrative costs without intermediaries to enable cost-effective settlement
Developing solutions with ERC-20, ERC-721 or ST-20 tokenization standards including compliance to financial regulations of AML and KYC issued by various regulatory bodies like SEC
Investors Automated
Developing programmable tokens that provide complete control over immovable assets and automate investors equity and profit sharing rights
Detailed Investment Analytics
Executing token crowd-sale and managing investor details with KYC/AML, accredited investor verification, and voting rights

Our STO development methodology


Conceptualization and Requirement Gathering

  • Gathering business requirements and outlining use cases to efficiently design the application

Design and Architecture

  • Choosing the right blockchain such as Ethereum, EOS, or Stellar
  • Defining smart contract rules and application architecture
  • Defining the development roadmap

Pre-STO Launch

  • Representing your business idea in the whitepaper
  • Publishing the STO marketing website and whitepaper
  • Registering early investors and KYC processing


  • Developing Smart Contract adhering to regulations
  • Integrating Smart Contract and user interface

Testing and Deployment

  • Deploying Smart Contract and the application on the test environment
  • Testing the application and Smart Contract
  • Deploying Smart Contract and the application on production
  • Going live

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