Digital Rights Management with Blockchain

Strengthen the Protection and Management of Digital Rights

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As per Accenture, "Blockchain networks can connect participants throughout the media supply chain, which can solve many of the challenges inherent to DRM in creating a comprehensive rights management regime."

Blockchain Application in Digital Rights Management

We develop efficient, secure, and automated blockchain solutions that holistically protect digital content from violation of terms and conditions. These solutions enable content owners to securely manage, authenticate, and share the rights of digital content, including identities, music, videos, VR content, and e-books. We implement smart contracts for copyright owners to manage content usage rules

Digital Content Management

Implement access controls to restrict the consumption, reproduction, modification, and distribution of digital content

Content Rights and Royalties

Automate administration and management of rights and royalty distribution using smart contracts for a variety of content formats

Fact-checking Systems

Establish transparency, traceability, and authenticity of online content with peer-to-peer transactions and decentralization

Automated Identity Verification

Execute predefined smart contract protocols for automated identity and digital signature verification involving no centralized authority

Automated Licensing

Automate content and copyright licensing mechanisms with smart contracts and grant digital licensing without centralized verification

Self Sovereign Identity (SSI)

Store your identity data on your devices with SSI and share specific parts of the data without depending on third parties

Digital Rights Management with Blockchain

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    Content Licensing Automation
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    Copyright Management
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    Royalty Payments
  • bullet-icon4
    Intellectual Property Management
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    Digital Content Protection
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    Content Authentication and Sharing
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    Confidential Information Protection
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    Content Usage Tracking
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    Data Monetization
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    Data Portability

Blockchain Technologies for Digital Rights Management





















Blockchain technology provides a secure ledger for recording ownership of digital assets. It enables users to own and control their assets without third parties. Democratizing ownership can open new possibilities for transferring value.

With blockchain technology, individuals have greater control over their digital assets and rights. They do not involve any intermediary or central authority to manage their assets. Thus, this decentralized system provides digital freedom to users.

Businesses looking to harness the power of blockchain technology to protect their digital rights can seamlessly initiate their journey with our blockchain development services. We offer end-to-end expertise in developing customized solutions for blockchain-powered digital rights management. Contact us today to get started.

Some common applications of blockchain in digital rights are the following:

  • Content Licensing Automation
  • Copyright Management
  • Royalty Payments
  • Intellectual Property Management
  • Digital Content Protection
  • Content Authentication and Sharing
  • Confidential Information Protection
  • Content Usage Tracking
  • Data Monetization
  • Data Portability

Artists and creators benefit from a blockchain by having control over their intellectual property. They can timestamp their creations on the blockchain for permanent and tamper-proof ownership. This safeguards the intellectual property rights of artists and creators and offers substantial proof during copyright conflicts.

The cost of blockchain application development for digital rights management typically ranges from $30,000 to $300,000. The exact cost depends on various factors such as the project's complexity, desired features, development team expertise, and the time required for development.