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Gartner, Inc. predicts that by 2023, organizations using blockchain smart contracts* will increase overall data quality by 50%

Smart Contracts Development

As an experienced smart contract development company, we have expertise in programming languages like Solidity, Elixir, Rust, Golang, and more. We efficiently automate your business contracts involving frequent manual transactions among multiple parties. Our skilled smart contract developers develop, deploy, and automate fail-proof execution of smart contracts that are narrow, objective, and mechanical with straightforward to complex clauses and clearly defined outcomes

  • pre-defined contract, the first part of smart contract development process

    Pre-Defined Contract

    Terms are agreed upon by all counterparties

  • pre-defined contract, the second part of smart contract development process


    Events trigger smart contract execution

  • pre-defined contract, the third part of smart contract development process

    Executive & Value Transfer

    A smart contract is automatically executed based on the pre-agreed terms

  • pre-defined contract, the fourth part of smart contract development process


    Payouts and other settlements are completed instantly and efficiently

Smart Contract Development | Benefits

We, as a full-stack smart contract development services company, develop and deploy advanced faster, reliable, automated, and failure-proof business contracts, dApps, DeFi protocols, and web 3.0 solutions based on blockchains like EOS, NEAR, Hyperledger, Solana, Polygon, and more

Benefits of Smart Contract Development

Our Smart Contract Development Services

Our expertise lies in developing custom smart contracts with blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Hyperledger, EOS, Corda, Solana, Polygon, Binance, Tron, and more, and programming languages like Solidity, Golang, Java, Truffle, and more

Digital Smart Contract Architecture

Before reaching the coding part, our smart contract developers outline a basic architecture design that defines the business logic of a smart contract solution or a use case. As the computer-based protocol requires a bug-free workflow, they implement the best practices to create smart contract architecture

Digital Smart Contract Architecture
 Contract Design and Development

Smart Contract Design and Development

We design and develop custom smart contracts for various industries like real estate, supply chain, and more. Our solutions ensure error-free creation, execution, and management of smart contracts on any compatible blockchain with understandable and enforceable digital agreements

Smart Contracts Optimization

We ensure effective smart contract optimization to facilitate wastage reduction of gas by choosing a resourceful blockchain platform. We implement generic improvements like short-circuiting, fixed-size byte array, and meaningful use of libraries while also reducing transaction costs

Smart Contracts Optimization
Smart Contract for De-centralized Applications

Smart Contract for De-centralized Applications

We develop DApps, DeFi protocols, web 3.0 solutions, and more with smart contracts that encode business logic and enable direct interaction between two trading parties. Our smart contracts seamlessly achieve business objectives and solve intricate operational complexities with efficiency

Smart contract for DEX

We develop smart contract-powered centralized, decentralized, and hybrid exchanges with Ethereum, EOS, and more. Our smart contract solutions enable exchange businesses to safeguard end-user data, private keys, digital assets, business logic, data maintenance, and more

Smart contract for DEX (Decentralized Exchange)
Smart Contract for Digital Wallets

Smart Contract for Digital Wallets

We develop highly-secure digital wallets with smart contracts for various use cases like NFTs, cryptos, and tokens. They execute credible and fast transactions without any third-party dependence. We develop multi-signature wallets that strengthen the storage and exchange of digital assets

Ethereum & Hyperledger Smart Contract Development

We develop Ethereum-based ERC-20 and ERC-721 token contracts written in Solidity for use cases like stable coins and healthcare wallets. We also provide smart contracts development on Hyperledger for the financial sector, healthcare, retail, automotive, and other industries

Ethereum & Hyperledger Smart Contract Development

Smart Contract Development Platforms/Tools

We implement smart contracts to automate business operations with the following blockchain platforms and technologies

BigchainDB blockchain

Big Chain DB

Credits Blockchain


Corda Blockchain


Ethereum Blockchain


EOS Blockchain



Hedera Hashgraph


Hyperlegder Project




NEM Blockchain


Polygon Blockchain


Solana Blockchain


Stellar Blockchain


Tron Blockchain


Industries for Smart Contract Development Services

At Oodles, we develop smart contract solutions that include the following industries but are not limited to them

smart contract development for legal industry

Legal Industries

Smart Contract Development for Real Estate

Real Estate

 Smart Contract Development for Commodity Trading Sector

Commodity Trading

Smart Contract development for Banking Sector

Banking & Security

Smart contract development for the fintech industry


smart contract development for the supply chain industry

Supply Chain Management

smart contract development for ERP solutions

Enterprise Resource Management

smart contract development for remittance solutions

Accounting for Remittances

Smart contract development for digital asset exchange solutions

Digital Asset Exchange

smart contract development for the energy sector

Energy Sector

smart contract development for interorganizational reocord keeping

Interorganizational Record

smart contract development for NFT solutions


smart contract development for the retail industry

Retail Industries

smart contract development for intellectual prooperty rights management

Intellectual Property Rights

smart contract development for identity management solutions

Identity Management

smart contract development for the healthcare industry


smart contract development for CRM solutions


smart contract development for crypto exchanges

Crypto Exchange

Our Smart Contract Development Methodology

We follow a model-driven procedure that includes a detailed evaluation of business expectations and technology implementations

Our Smart Contract Development Methodology

Why Work with Oodles Blockchain | A Smart Contract Development Company

expertise in smart contract development

Smart Contract Development Expertise

Experiential expertise in developing smart contracts with suitable private, permissioned, or public blockchain platforms for diverse industries

skilled smart contract developers

A Dedicated Pool of Smart Contract Developers

An in-house cross-functional team of blockchain specialists experienced in providing customized smart contracts for complex business solutions

a long list of clients

Demonstrable Portfolio

Smart contract development for smart health records, pay-as-you-go insurance, trade clearing and settlement, P2P renewable energy trading, and more

all-round support and maintenance services

Support and Maintenance

Round-the-clock support and maintenance by experts for smart contract-based business solutions for clients around the world

research and development expertise

Meticulous Research and Development

R&D department for performing extensive research to optimize and implement appropriate smart contract solutions for your business

A trusted and reliable blockchain development partner

Trusted Development Partner

A trusted and reliable blockchain development partner for efficiently building custom smart contracts solutions for specific business requirements

A smart contract refers to a computer program that manages asset and transaction exchange between parties if they fulfill predefined conditions, on a blockchain platform. Not only does it determine the rules of a business agreement, but it also immediately enforces the obligations.

For instance, the ownership of a property may be automatically transferred via smart contracts to its new owner when he has sent the amount to the seller's account.

Let's consider one instance to understand how a smart contract works. Bob wants to buy a house from Alice. They create the agreement for buying the house on a blockchain platform using a smart contract. The agreement might seem like this: "When Bob pays Alice 15000$, then he automatically gets the ownership of the property."

So, Bob can rest assured about transferring money to Alice for the property. Bob and Alice would have to pay extra charges to third-party firms, lawyers, house brokers, and banks without smart contracts. Essentially, in this case, they do not have to deal with commissions, delays, a broker, and a legal expert to process the request and complete the agreement.

Typically, traditional business contracts have one or more parties and intermediaries and rounds of negotiations. The end result of the negotiation process is indeed a long document that involved parties need to sign and verify.

Smart contracts are contracts, comparable to traditional contracts, which execute explicit business objectives without requiring a trusted party, thus, eliminating any intermediary involvement. Smart contracts are secure and tamper-proof because of the blockchain-powered immutability feature; therefore, no third party is required to build trust between transacting parties.

Blockchain is an immutable digital ledger of transactions that can be programmed to record not only business transactions but practically everything of value. "Blockchain operates in a trustless environment where multiple network parties have access to information openly and easily.

The implementation of blockchain employs a distributed network, hash codes, and cryptographic keys to create an encrypted database where it is easy to prevent and detect manipulation. Because of that, blockchain smart contracts work well in a trustless environment.Parties involved in a blockchain transaction powered with a smart contract need not trust one another.

A smart contract is a set of computer programs that operate on a blockchain network(s). It provides the capability to automatically enforce and execute an agreement between untrusted parties, without involving intermediaries. Smart contract development services enable businesses to replace conventional paper-based contracts by binding them in executable codes.

Our smart contract developers build stable and bug-free smart contracts with experience in smart contract creation software, and programming languages such as Remix, Solidity, Go, JavaScript, etc.

The tendency for any company seeking to build smart contracts is to adhere to the gold standard, Ethereum, due to standardization and support that it offers. However, there are more suitable efficient blockchain platforms as well for robust smart contract solutions development, like:

Hyperledger Fabric




Developing smart contracts with one of these platforms enables high-grade security, convenience, customization, provision for no platform-specific programming language, scalability, and excellent performance while being inexpensive