Smart Contract Application Development Services

Faster, seamless and effective custom smart contract solutions to achieve operational efficiency

We build smart contracts to automate transactions, enhance trust, and eliminate third-party authentication with Ethereum, NEM, Stellar and other blockchain technologies. Our customized smart contracts keep you at the forefront of the fintech revolution

Smart contract development benefits with Oodles

Smart contract development benefits
Smart contract development

Our smart contract development services

We provide the merits of business automation to your enterprise with Smart Contracts. Our enterprise-grade Smart Contract solutions achieve operational efficiency to save costs and reduce manual efforts required for critical processes

Smart Contract Token and ICO Development

Smart Contract Token and ICO Development

Avail high-level security and reliability with our all-inclusive development support for ICOs. We develop Smart Contract tokens with scalable, optimized and highly secured blockchains

  • ICOs
    We develop ICOs that are efficient and provide error-free transactions
  • Stable Coin
    We have (a) deep technical understanding of the business logic behind Stable Coins

Smart Contract Architecture and Design

Our smart contract solutions use appropriate techniques to suit your business requirements. They provide operational efficiency while removing loopholes with creative architecture and strategic designs

  • Smart Contract Development 
    Our full-stack blockchain developers adhere to best practices of blockchain smart contract development
  • Smart Contract Optimization
    We devise innovative methodologies to reduce transaction costs. Our experts implement generic improvements like short-circuiting, fixed-size byte array and meaningful use of libraries
  • Decentralized App Development
    We develop DApps that seamlessly achieve business objectives. Our blockchain developers solve intricate operational complexities with innovative smart contract solutions

Our smart contract development methodology

Our technique balances business priorities and technology development. We follow a model-driven procedure that includes a detailed evaluation of business expectations and technology implementations

Requirement Analysis

  • Business logic analysis
  • Problem evaluation
  • Roadmap proposal
Step 1

Creating Wireframe and Design

  • Blueprint structure development
  • Screen wireframing
  • Smart contract design
Step 2

Core Development

  • Smart contract coding
  • Design and architecture layout
  • Client evaluation and feedback
Step 3

Deployment and Testing

  • Testnet deployment
  • Testing
  • Mainnet deployment
Step 4

Oodles blockchain technology utilities for industries

Our experience in diverse verticals empower us to deliver customized blockchain smart contract solutions with core expertise in technology integration and industry solutions

Hyperledger Smart Contract Application Development

Avail the benefits of Hyperledger with its features that accurately complement your business logic

Financial Services

  • Automated Claim Settlements
  • Bond Issuance
  • Smart Correspondent Banking
  • Automated KYC Platforms
  • Distributed Clearing Platforms

Supply Chain Management

  • Community Registry
  • Smart Electronic Data Interchange
  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Supply Chain Security
  • Tracking and Tracing of Inventories


  • Automated Medical Record Verification
  • Care Management and Coordination
  • Interoperability of Healthcare Data
  • Medical Claim Adjudication
  • Health-wallets

Public Utility Solutions

  • Digital Identity Management
  • Public Record Management
  • Digital Notary Services
  • Compliance Issuance and Management
  • Provenance Probing System

Media and Advertisement

  • Ad-fraud Protection
  • Automated Royalty Payments
  • Licensing and Contract Management
  • Blockchain-based P2P Ad-platform
  • Performance-based Media Buying

Ethereum Smart Contracts Application Development

Transform smart contracts into business growth engines with our highly experienced team of Solidity programmers

Legal industry

  • Legal Operating System
  • Digital Legal Contracts
  • Smart Contract Escrow Agreements
  • Automation of Legal Industry
  • Artificial Lawyer

Commodity Trading

  • Post Trade Settlements of Illiquid Assets
  • Letter of Credit Digitization 
  • Immutable Agreements
  • Real-time Information Processing
  • Efficient Regulatory Compliance

Banking and Securities

  • Streamlined Clearing and Settlement
  • Smart KYC
  • Mortgage Automation
  • Multi-currency Liquidity Management
  • Smart Bonds

Energy Sector

  • Grid Tokens
  • Efficient Power Transfer and Distribution
  • Electric Mobility and EV Charging
  • Grid Stabilisation and Management
  • Energy Data Exchange Platform

Supply Chain Management

  • Asset and Product Licensing
  • Tracking and Verification Mechanism
  • Trading Document Management 
  • Smart Shipment Systems
  • Provenance Management

EOS Smart Contract Application Development

Explore the merits of EOS smart contracts with us to set your business ahead of peers group

Enterprise Resource Management

  • Decentralized Decision Support System
  • Dispute Resolution System
  • Automated Equipment Maintenance
  • Simplified Audit Trail
  • Dynamic Environment Updates

Messaging Apps and Social Media

  • Reward-based Content Creation Portal
  • Secured Messaging Apps
  • High-performance Messaging 
  • Earning-based Social Media Platform 
  • Social Media Payment Integration

Asset Issuance and Commerce

  • Minimization of Regulatory Difficulties
  • Dispute Resolution Mechanisms
  • Asset-backed Securities
  • No Double Counting of Collateral Assets
  • Secure Ecommerce Platforms

Accounting for Remittances

  • Cross-border Payments
  • Optimized Real-time Payments
  • P2P Transfers of Funds Across Borders
  • Traceable Micropayments
  • AML Mechanisms


  • Monetization of In-game Tokens
  • Exchange of Virtual In-game Items 
  • Fast and Secure Payment Networks
  • Regulated Gaming Economies
  • Creation of Virtual Goods for Gaming

Stellar Smart Contracts Application Development

Our Stellar smart contracts enable quick and reliable cross-border transactions of digital assets


  • Micropayment Solutions
  • Cross-border Payment Solutions
  • Low-cost Payment Mechanism
  • Real-time Settlements
  • Multi-signature Authentication

Mobile Device Industry

  • Mobile Money Transfer Platforms
  • Mobile Payment Apps
  • Payment Gateway Apps
  • Banking Advantage in Mobile Branches
  • Mobile Wallet Creation

Social Enterprises

  • Low transaction Cost Payment Systems
  • Decentralized Financial Applications
  • Multicurrency Donation Apps
  • Autonomous Distributed Contracts
  • Scalable Social Apps Solutions

Waves Smart Contracts Application Development

We develop easy-to-use and secure Wave Blockchain smart contracts to manage, trade, store and issue digital assets

Public Utilities

  • Crowdfunding Applications
  • Payment Verification Applications
  • Token-based Loyalty Apps
  • Smart Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Disintermediation


  • Decentralized Financial Instruments
  • Multi-signature Wallets
  • Decentralized Token Exchange
  • Personal Finance Apps
  • Asset Digitization

Digital Asset

  • Digital Asset Management Platforms
  • Digital Asset Trading Platforms
  • Asset Storage
  • Token Creation
  • Token Reissuing

Sports and Fitness

  • Reward Systems for Training Sessions
  • Reward Systems for Physical Activities
  • Token for Sports Team and Athletes
  • Mobile Trainer Applications
  • Exchange of Sports Collectibles

Multichain Smart Contracts Application Development

Our Multichain smart contracts maximize productivity with minimal resource utilization


  • No Central Point of Attack
  • Build Digital Financial Systems
  • Real-time Automatic Reconciliation
  • Crowdfunding and Loyalty Points

Supply Chain Management

  • End-to-End Tracking
  • Digital Token Issuance
  • Direct Exchange of Tokens
  • Guaranteed Two-way Swap

Interorganizational Record Keeping

  • Shared Digital Audit Trails
  • Transparent Dispute Resolutions
  • Immutable Record of Access Requests
  • Multiparty Aggregation

Retail Industry

  • B2B Payment Systems
  • Digital Information Exchanges
  • Cross-border Payment Solutions
  • Fraud Reduction Mechanisms

Agriculture and Farming

  • Agricultural Asset Management
  • Warehouse Quality Management
  • Agriculture Supply Chains
  • Quality Control Mechanisms

BigchainDB Smart Contract Application Development

Our BigchainDB smart contracts use the power of big data to provide decentralized control, powerful query functionality and immutable data storage

Gaming Industry

  • Social Gaming Networks
  • Automated Participation Process
  • Reward Mechanism for Online Gaming
  • Owner-Controlled Digital Gaming Assets
  • Efficient Cross-chain Interoperability

Intellectual Property Rights

  • Audit Mechanisms
  • Licensing Platforms
  • Usage Right Management
  • Secure Attribution and Authorship
  • Cost-effective Micropayment Channels

Identity Management

  • Record Management
  • Credential Verification
  • Product Authenticity Verification
  • Sovereign Personal Data Management
  • Secure Exchange of Information

NEM Smart Contract Applications Development

We develop NEM blockchain applications that use the power of smart asset blockchain with distributed ledgers


  • Instant Payment Services
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Mobile Banking Services
  • Escrow Services
  • Secured Payment Applications

Business Management

  • Automatic Accounting
  • Efficient KYC Process
  • Loyalty Reward Points
  • Automated Supply Chain Management
  • Smart Document Sharing

Securing Records

  • Encrypted Messaging
  • Cryptographic Authentication
  • Smart Anti-counterfeit Measures
  • Multisignature Access
  • Auditing Corporate Compliances

Decentralized Organizations

  • Easily Countable and Permanently Immutable Voting
  • Decentralized Crowdfunding Platform
  • Automated Management of Private stock
  • ICO Launches

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