Blockchain In Healthcare

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Blockchain: The Rise of Opportunities for Healthcare

The healthcare ecosystem is full of complexity, with countless stakeholders and sensitive, intricate interactions. This gives rise to data issues, privacy challenges, and operational inefficiency.

Ownership and trusted access to administrative data and medical information is paramount, yet the processes need to be made much easier and less costly. Blockchain technology holds the unmatched potential to reform these complex healthcare processes and challenges by keeping the patient at the core of the healthcare ecosystem and increase the security, interoperability, and privacy of health data.

Blockchain can Effectively Address Healthcare Issues such as

  • Fragmented Data
  • Patient Generated Data
  • Data Security
  • Access and Data Inconsistency
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • System Interoperability
  • Timely Access to Patient Data

Blockchain for Healthcare Use Cases

The potential uses of blockchain technology in healthcare applications are multiple and varied. Here we present a wide-ranging list of prospective healthcare-related use cases, that can easily eradicate mentioned anomalies in the healthcare sector:
Notarization / Identity Verification
Safe and secure registration of EMR, insurance, and other healthcare records.
Medical Banking
Removal of counterparties.
Prevention and Detection of Counterfeit Drug
Introduce blockchain-enabled solutions to protect and enhance the pharmaceutical supply chain.
Genomics Research
Secure accessibility of genetic data on the blockchain
Population Health Management
Measure consumer outcomes and requisite medical actions using a blockchain-based personal health record (PHR) system.
Internet of Things and Blockchain:
Connect consumer-generated health data with IoT wearables through interconnection and data accessibility (IOTA) with health records.
Validation and Payment of Claims
Lower execution time and friction, including ensured adherence to contract terms.
Clinical Trial Results
Increase transparency and accountability in the clinical trial reporting process.
Smart Property
Monitor provenance and deploy anti-counterfeit measures for healthcare assets.
Real-Time / Contextual Forms of Insurance
Smart controls to introduce new services and tools for streamlining fraud detection and pricing, and lowering administrative costs.

Why Choose Oodles For Blockchain Based Healthcare Solutions

Oodles Technologies offers adroit, innovative and latest blockchain development solutions using blockchain frameworks like Hyperledger, IOTA, MultiChain, BigchainDB, etc., that match the highest quality standards. Our top quality back-end integration, skillful IT solutions, and the team of blockchain developers are the epitomes of quality.

We, at Oodles’ Blockchain Solution, promote values of excellence and spirit throughout the organization. We are evolving and marching consistently toward our sole vision of becoming a global market leader offering intelligent blockchain solutions and exceptional support for varied business needs including the healthcare industry.

Our tech experts can undertake web-based development on the popular web programming scripting languages like ASP, PHP, .NET, JavaScript, MYSQL, MSSQL, Oracle and many more.
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