Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

Secure, fast, scalable, and robust cryptocurrency exchange software solutions

  • Oodles exchange development services encompass various business areas like cryptocurrency exchange solution, decentralized exchanges, and asset exchange platform

    Exchange development features with Oodles

    Our exchange software development services augment your online trading business with an efficient, secure and robust exchange platform. They include crypto and asset trading application development services for web and mobile

    Oodles cryptocurrency exchange development

    We develop a suite of cryptocurrency exchange solutions for Fiat and Altcoin currencies. They provide adaptability, accessibility, scalability, configurable transaction fees, and security with the following features
    Web and Mobile Adaptability
    • Responsive web designs (RWD)
    • Device-agnostic platforms
    • Multiple operating systems compatibility
    • Modern API interface for liquidity integrations
    Scalable Architectures
    • Scalable microservices architecture
    • Accommodation of increasing microservices complexity of the system
    • Data-oriented architecture
    • Deployable on cloud platforms
    Advanced User-friendly and Intuitive User Interface
    • Framework for any device, medium, and accessibility
    • Minimalistic, semantic and customizable
    • Better user-adoption
    Blockchains APIs Development
    • Fetch historical values
    • Real-time charts
    • Third-party integration support
    Highly Configurable Admin Console
    • Edit trading fee and add new currencies
    • Manage cryptocurrency listing
    • New markets configurations
    • Multiple country support
    Trading Features
    • Margin trading and stop-loss functions
    • Large selection of trading pairs
    • High-quantity trades execution
    • View order book, transactions, balance, statistics, and charts
    • Dynamic market watch
    Security and Compliance
    • Cold wallet integration
    • Multisignature solution
    • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
    • Effortless fulfillment of know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money-laundering (AML) requirements
    • Reporting module

    Oodles decentralized crypto exchange development

    We develop decentralized crypto exchange solutions that enable trades in a peer-to-peer and trust-less manner through smart contracts. Our services enable crypto traders to make informed buying and selling decisions
    Smart Contract
    Developing trust-less systems powered with off-chain and on-chain atomic swaps that enable users to control and access private keys within P2P networks
    Improving throughput rates and enhancing scalability by integrating innovative consensus types with blockchain platforms
    Security Measurements
    Establishing end-to-end encryption to protect cryptocurrencies and private keys with hardware wallets like Trezor and software wallets like Metamask
    Hosting of Exchange
    Eliminating server downtime by hosting the exchange on a network of servers spread across the globe or on the cloud infrastructure
    Blockchain Platform Stack
    Developing decentralized exchanges with EOS, Stellar, Waves, Ethereum, and Hyperledger for high transaction throughput and low transaction fees

    Oodles crypto assets exchange development

    Plan, launch and operate a successful decentralized asset exchange platform with our solutions to digitize illiquid assets like commodities, institutional real estate portfolios, private company shares, and luxury goods. We also develop solutions to create security tokens for any asset class, including securities and currencies for trading
    Smart Contract Trading
    Securing transfer of asset rights and token issuance by deploying smart contracts on top of a suitable blockchain platform
    Token Representation
    Enabling representation and transfer of physical assets on blockchain with stable coins development
    Global Investment
    Eliminating geographical barriers in buying and selling assets with blockchain platforms for global access
    Distributed Ownership
    Providing liquidity of physical assets with fractional ownership enabled by blockchain tokens
    Cost Effective Trading
    Reducing overall operational costs by removing any intermediary or central authorities
    Blockchain Platform Stack
    Enabling global investment, distributed ownership and easy dividend sharing with appropriate blockchain technologies
    EOS | Waves | Ethereum | Hyperledger | EOS | Stellar

    Turnkey cryptocurrency exchange software solution

    We also provide custom solutions like turnkey or white label exchange software to meet specific crypto exchange business requirements in less than no time

    Security measures | Cryptocurrency exchange development

    • DDoS Mitigation
    • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
    • Database Encryption
    • Anti-Phishing Software
    • Multisignature Vaults
    • Cold Wallet Security
    • SSL Integration
    • Browser Detection Security
    • Log Tracking and Analysis
    • End-to-End Encrypted Transactions
    • Protection Against Basic Security Vulnerabilities
    • HSM and KMS implementation
    • Biometric authentication
    • Encrypted wallets

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