EOS Application Development Services

Creating scalable and flexible industrial apps with robust decentralized infrastrucutre

We develop decentralized EOS applications that facilitate high throughput operations with limited free transactions. Our EOS application development services enable a seamless and efficient transition of business processes from conventional technologies to blockchain based systems

EOS advantages with Oodles

Experience the benefits of decentralization and tokenized economy with our EOS app solutions

Oodles EOS application development services

We develop EOS solutions that have a robust infrastructure critical for efficient and scalable operations
Decentralized Apps Development
We create customizable enterprise-grade DApps that support horizontal and vertical scaling
Networking Apps Development
We provide high performance in messaging and enterprise networking apps with EOS solutions
Games Application Development
We build low latency decentralized games supported by Delegated Proof of Stake(DPoS) mechanism
Decentralized Exchanges Development
We create multi-currency and multi-assets wallets and decentralized exchanges
Smart Contract Development
We enable enterprises to issue service tokens, assets and implement smart contracts for business transactions

Oodles EOS development tools

Our developers use the latest development tools and seasoned techniques for EOS solutions development
Smart contract API, RPC API and wallet API for complex DApps and multi-signature wallets
EOS libraries
Javascript libraries including Eosjs and state handlers like demux-js
Command-line interface tools
Cleos, Keosd, and Nodeos commands to create high-performance DApps
Contract development toolkits and light wallets
Testing tools
Standard unit testing of custom contracts in comprehensive IDE of EOS

EOS applications

Serving industries with impactful infrastructure for decentralized applications
Supply Chain
Seamless coordination among interdependent operations in supply chain management
Real Estate
Refined property verification and payment processes promoting better transparency in real estate management
Asset Insurance and
Highly transparent and agile trading platforms using role-based permissions and DPOS consensus mechanism
Accounting for Remittances
Simplified accounting solutions to implement complex financial agreements using EOS smart contract
Secure and energy efficient gaming platforms that support high volume communication
Resource Management
Platform-agnostic EOS DApps that facilitate the integration of conventional enterprise technologies
User Messaging and Social Media
High throughput networking and messaging platforms based on event sourcing mechanism of EOS

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