How Can Blockchain Help?

Faster Syndicate Formation

There will be an automated selection criterion for syndicate formation in programmable smart contracts.

Digitization of Documents

Agreements, documents, terms and condition documents can be on the Blockchain network as well as validations and checks can be automated.

Quicker KYC for the clients

Blockchain can facilitate immediate KYC by the Lead Arranger through digital identity for clients.

Technology Integration

Automated due diligence and analysis of information for loan underwriting through blockchain can reduce TAT.

Reduced Settlement Periods

Blockchain can facilitate near and real-time loan funding and payment settlements with activities executed via smart contracts.

Document Immutability

Immutability feature of the Blockchain eliminates the need for multiple copies of the same documents being held.


By providing blockchain companies with immediate access to liquidity through initial coin offerings (ICOs), Blockchain can create a new, crypto economic model of funding that unbundles access to capital from traditional financial services.


By tokenizing traditional securities such as stocks, bonds, and alternative assets, the blockchain is upending the structure of capital markets.

How Oodles Technologies Helps You?

Oodles Technologies provides a highly secure private blockchain infrastructure of distributed peers that helps companies to validate transactions through secure contracts. As well as, provide custom-tailored blockchain solutions for varied business needs.

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