BigchainDB Application Development Services

Build Scalable Blockchain Database Solutions for Decentralized Applications

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We use BigchainDB to develop public and private blockchain applications for various use-cases like identity, financial asset, and IP management. The applications enable high throughput, query functionality, decentralized control, immutable data storage, and built-in asset support

BigchainDB Blockchain Development Features

We fulfill business requirements like scalability, high-capacity, and low latency by developing applications with BigchainDB and its blockchain characteristics


Our BigchainDB Application Development Services

Our BigchainDB based solutions enable enterprises to develop and deploy blockchain platforms and applications, including migrations and integrations with a scalable blockchain database

Consulting and Development

Our consultation and development services address your enterprise application requirement comprehensively from ideation to production. We build prototypes with a detailed plan including requirements, test cases, defect correction, and risk management. The critical elements of our BigchainDB application development services are technical feasibility study, detailed business and technical architecture, and blockchain use case analysis such as

Consulting and Development
Application Migration Services

Supply Chain Management

We fulfill your blockchain migration requirements using BigchainDB’s migration capabilities to move applications from centralized to decentralized servers, or from public to private blockchain networks. Our blockchain team conducts detailed evaluation to design appropriate migration structures. We use BigchainDB’s migration tools and documentation to effectively migrate current application state and data logs

Integration Services

Our blockchain team integrates BigchainDB database with business logic programmed in Hyperledger Fabric, IPFS, and Ethereum. It leads to direct querybility, fast data processing, deduplication, high performance, and clustered persistence. We transform BigchainDB database into smart contract registries or Ethereum based public networks to add unlimited nodes. Our integration services include

  • Hyperledger Fabric Integration
  • IPFS Integration
  • Ethereum Integration

Integration Services

BigchainDB Application Development Value Offerings

Our blockchain developers create immutable and tamper-proof BigchainDB based blockchain solutions for various real-world applications with following features

  • Interoperable Design

    Interoperable future-proofed solutions with Ethereum, IPFS, COALA IP, and COALA SC

  • Native Multi Assets Support

    No native currency support requirement to tokenize and issue divisible assets, tokens or digital currency with multiple ownership

  • Rich Permissioning

    Implementation of read and write permissions at transaction level for task distribution and selective access to nodes in the network

  • Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT)

    Security against up to one-third machines arbitrary faults with fast transactions and smooth consensus on the next block

  • Queryability

    MongoDB search engine to find and analyze all stored transactions, metadata, assets, and query limit

  • Public or Private

    Development of private or public blockchain network with top-notch features like custom permission for distribution of tasks

BigchainDB Applications

Our developers develop efficient decentralized platforms, proofs-of-concept, and applications with BigchainDB side chains to support a wide range of industries and use-cases

Intellectual Property Management

Secure attribution and authorship of intellectual properties with usage tracking and transparent audit trails

Music and Entertainment

Cost-effective micropayment channels for reward mechanisms and efficient content distribution

Identity Management

Self-sovereign management of personal data, identity records, and credentials


Identity management and inland revenue services for taxation, property and land registrations

Our BigchainDB Application Development Method

We adopt a unique development method to create BigchainDB application to enable communication between building blocks of blockchain, and decentralized storage and processing

Our BigchainDB Application Development Method