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Blockchain Consultant and development services grew as a bandwagon for enterprises. As a technology platform that provides those facets which conventional internet cannot, this technology is gaining massive adoption in business and corporate landscape. Blockchain Technology is the new internet with a more efficient operational mechanism. Blockchain development services and blockchain consultancy is growing as a large industry.

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Blockchain Consultant Services

Distributed Ledger Technology is the new face of the internet. Blockchain is a subset of this large technology vertical has immense use cases. The technology eradicated the need for a centralized mechanism to operate by rendering a “trustless” ecosystem, where transaction and information sharing is done only after mutual consent of the parties. This fundamental aspect is the key to a plethora of usages of the technology making blockchain consultant services a buzzword in the enterprise world.

The top use case of Blockchain technology are:

  • Blockchain as a Transparent and Immutable Payment Solution.
  • Distributed Ledger as a platform for faster and efficient collaboration and data sharing.
  • Integrated operation mechanism with technologies like IoT and AI.
  • Internal and external streamlining and Seamless Integration of processes and business operations.
  • Identity Management, enhancing security aspects and boosting effective traceability of transactions.

How Blockchain Consultant Adds Business Value

Any Blockchain Consultant is an expert in the technology as well as the market. Applicability of blockchain should match with the exact requirement of the business process in order to become a profitable venture. Blockchain adoption, however, has a massive advantage of providing the testing environment with absolutely no risks. Thanks to cloud-based blockchain deployment models, which allows easy and fast implementation of any operation. Testing blockchain does not involve a high cost in installation setup.

Blockchain consultant and development services add massive business value by:

  • Increasing the RoI in technology investments and adoption.
  • Adding a strong knowledge base in enterprises ecosystem on the potential use-cases and accurate utility of distributed ledger technology.
  • Delivering a massive technology upgrade rendering operations faster, transparent and efficient.
  • Cost reduction in both internal and external process operations.
  • Bringing innovation and effective solutions to existing bottlenecks.

Industry Use Cases of Blockchain 

Healthcare                          Real Estate                           Legal                            Automotive

Oodles Blockchain Consultant and Development Services

Oodles Blockchain has been in the industry since almost half a decade. We have experienced this technology through its nascent stage of evolution. Blockchain technology is not yet mature and it is growing rapidly with strong innovations and new utility. Being with a pool of highly experienced Blockchain consultants and developers, Oodles Blockchain is successful to provide complete and seamless technology solutions to enterprises.

The following are the market advantages of Oodles as a Blockchain Technology Partner

  • Oodles Blockchain works in a plethora of technologies based on blockchain and distributed ledgers.
  • We enable strong technology partnerships of managing the solution we have developed throughout its life-cycle or until the complete knowledge transfer.
  • We have researched several applications and technical utility of blockchain thoroughly.
  • We create applications after thorough market research making our solutions as per the requirement of both long-term and short-term objectives.
  • Oodles Blockchain follows a highly transparent and cost-effective development methodology.

Technology Specialisations of Oodles Blockchain

Hyperledger                          Ethereum                           Ripple                           IOTA

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