Blockchain In Donation

The technology of the future that aims to redesign the world of donations and fundraising.

Blockchain-Powered Donations

Between an endless list of frauds and scams that are prevalent in the digital world, you wouldn’t expect that the noble act of charity work would be something where outright fraud or embezzlement would find a home.

Unfortunately, no sector remains untouched by the existence of bad actors wanting to cash in on people’s good intentions and unwarranted trust. However, the advent of transforming technology like Blockchain promises that these concerns can be solved if we implement a donation system administered via blockchain.

Some of the Primary Concerns in Charitable giving that Blockchain can Solve

  • Transaction fees charged on donations.
  • Corruption by the middlemen administering funds and services.
  • And lack of accountability within social innovation organizations like nonprofits and NGOs as to how they spend the money
  • Transaction fees charged on donations
  • Corruption by the middlemen administering funds and services
  • And lack of accountability within social innovation organizations like nonprofits and NGOs as to how they spend the money.

How Blockchain Presents Itself as a Solution

A blockchain-based system could drastically streamline various cumbersome processes of the donation sector.

Ethereum Smart Contracts

Ethereum is the most prominent Smart Contract framework, developed and designed to support smart contracts.

An Ethereum Smart Contract can replace the middlemen work as it enables the automatic sending of payments on the achievement of pre-defined agreements. Using the potential of the Ethereum blockchain, everything goes through smart contracts and thus, we can track all transactions in real-time.

Incorporating a blockchain ledger within the system can enable donors and supervising entities to meticulously monitor and track their donations all the way down the line.

Why Blockchain for Good

Transactions on an Ethereum blockchain based system are recorded on the blockchain, making them transparent and immutable. Donors can rest assured about secure transferring of their donations to the recipient. Further, it would produce a ripple effect of positive impacts that generate much more value than conventional donation mediums.

To gain superior transparency

For forming the trust of donors and achieve transparency in the entire value chain, social innovation organizations need to have a tamper-proof ‘closed-loop’ system that produces real-time information. Blockchain technology-based solutions can allow operational alterations to be transmitted in real-time and allow all parties to access and share information in a trusted and easily auditable way.

To increase efficiency and achieve scalability

Every social innovation organization works toward providing solutions and resolving difficulties at scale. Blockchain technology can aid them to scale up their operations by significantly decreasing costs and increasing the flow of funds.

How We Help

Indeed, it’s a realization of our manifesto. Thus, we have decided to leverage unique blockchain frameworks to develop the best blockchain solutions that can help organizations in the donation sector to achieve accountability, remove intermediaries, lower transaction fees and much more

Why Oodles Blockchain Stands Out Here?

We set out with the customer-centric approach and have requisite domain expertise to offer best blockchain solutions for the donation sector. Our expert blockchain developers rely on the agile methodology for blockchain app development to offer cost-effective services. You can reach us as we have our strength of updated infrastructure and skilled workforce to handle complex blockchain projects effortlessly.
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