Blockchain In Fintech

One of the powerful sectors where Blockchain Technology has made a splash is in the Fintech Industry

Why Fintech is the Future of Finance

The increasing popularity of FinTech companies is changing the way banking has been done. It's a huge challenge for global financial institutions as they have failed to adjust to the changes - not only in technology but also in culture, operations, and other necessary facets of the industry.

The most trending topic in the financial services industry today is blockchain. If incorporated properly, it would allow Fintech companies to process payments more accurately while lowering transaction processing costs and the need for exceptions.

Advantages of Blockchain Integrated Fintech Services

  • Improved contractual performance due to Smart Contracts
  • Improved capital optimization
  • Reduced cost of services
  • Reduced error handling and reconciliation
  • Diverse and stable credit landscape
  • Instant settlements

How Blockchain Technology Expedites FinTech Adoption

Blockchain projects can streamline various complex processes that may hinder the widespread adoption of Fintech Industry by reducing settlement times, providing secured global currency exchange rate speeds, and increasing transaction speed, among other benefits.

The technology lays the foundation for an overhaul of the banking industry, replacing traditional back-office clearinghouses and other ancient methods that still exist between asset sellers and buyers.

Hyperledger Fabric Project

It’s a trade finance platform aimed to enhance international payments by utilizing blockchain. Seven of the largest banks including Deutsche Banks, HSBC, KBC, Natixis, Rabobank, Societe Generale and Unicredit support the project. The project is highly scalable and enables multiple participants to integrate into the complete financial supply chain operation/process through the secure blockchain, allowing for an unforeseen amount of transaction transparency.


Blockchain consortium R3 is the next big thing in the bank-based blockchain sphere. R3’s prime focus is on the development of their Corda platform, with future endeavors for an infrastructure network aimed at financial entities to develop their own ledger-based application and services.

Benefits of using Blockchain Technology For The Fintech Industry

Faster Syndicate Formation

Digitization of Documents

Quicker KYC for the clients

Technology Integration

Reduced Settlement Periods

Document Immutability



Why Oodles For Blockchain Based Fintech Solutions?

Blockchain Financial Technology

From a private blockchain network to a successful ICO launch, Cryptocurrency operations, Smart contracts, Identity management —we are known for presenting the most technologically advanced projects.

Trading & Securities

Unlock the potential of the latest technological improvements for your trading and securities businesses with Mobile stock tracking, AI-assisted trading automation, Blockchain-based smart contracts and more.

Digital Wallets

Secure and reliable digital payment solutions using blockchain technology for everyday financial life. Exchange funds and pay on the go, including moving money in and out of the digital wallets, bank, and social media accounts.
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