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Oodles Blockchain focuses on robust, scalable and effective solutions. With stringent internal audit mechanism. We have been ensuring bug-free blockchain software and applications. Our comprehensive package of customizable blockchain products delivers effective solutions to multiple industry verticals.

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The Correct Approach to Successful Blockchain Software Development


A strong approach to successful blockchain software development is segregated into Identification, Design & Development.


Developers identify a number of aspects of the solution. The use cases, the most efficient agreement mechanism, and the best platform. These involve an evaluation of the specific objectives of the software apart from general ones.

Since Distributed Ledger is primarily a scalable platform, it will have many potential use cases. A single network of such ledgers can be customized to attain different objectives, however, determining the best use cases and limiting them is important as it improves the performance of the platform in what it is supposed to do.

The next factor to evaluate is the consensus mechanism because it is the basis of both security and transparency of the network. From platforms like Ethereum to new emerging ones, there are a plethora of options to develop an application. The platform should match with the objectives.

Design & Development

A blockchain primarily comprises of Nodes, APIs, the UI, and elements of implementation. Design of Nodes of the blockchain is dependent on hardware and intended operating systems. Any language is good for designing the User Interface, while, APIs are based on the type of platform used to develop the blockchain.

APIs are developed to execute following functionalities in a blockchain:

  • Executing Smart Contracts
  • Audits
  • Address and Key production
  • Authenticating hashtags and signatures
  • Storage and Recovery of information
  • Lifecycle management of assets

The key elements of a blockchain application require stringent scrutiny. Some of these elements are the issuance of assets, consents, handshaking, the format of address and keys, signatures, supervision, atomic exchanges and limits. Building each of these elements with optimal care is the basis of a reliable blockchain software development.

Setting the Goals

Since the software is different to a conventional application, developing any solution in this domain need to fulfill certain goals. These are the basic objectives of development for the realization of full potential of the application. Attaining Decentralization, Transaction, Security, and Transparency are primary objectives.

Decentralization is the basis of this technology. It is basically a growing network of servers held together with a mechanism of consensus for receiving and releasing information. Developers create the program which is self-replicating across each node of the network. Hence achieving a true decentralization is the primary objective of blockchain software development even if it is meant for private networks.

Transactions are the next primary feature of this technology. A Decentralized app acts as a record keeper of each transaction. The capacity to handle transactions is among its top performance parameters. Developing such a solution is based on a foresightedness to create strong networks built for unlimited transactions.

Attaining security and transparency at the same time is another objective of blockchain software development. The technology is based on “Trustless-ness”, which eradicates the need of any mediator or a third party authenticator for a transaction. The system is supposed to be so secure that transactions between two blocks cannot be corrupt. To attain these objectives, developers need to follow the most appropriate approach.

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 Blockchain Software Development

Adoption of blockchain is gradually increasing in the enterprise landscape. Advantages of this technology over conventional web-based applications are the major reasons of its latest popularity as Enterprise as well as Public applications. Due to its emerging relevance, Blockchain Software Development is taking over the traditional industry of application development.

Blockchain Software Development, however, has a larger realm as the term means a broad set of technology, narrowing down to segments such as cryptocurrency, exchange, Decentralized Ledgers, and DApps. The diversity of technologies under this proffers a broadness into its approaches and techniques of development. Developers often follow a different approach to blockchain development in contrast to conventional traits.


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