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The impact of Blockchain in industry sectors is bolstering with new innovations in use-cases. Along with verticals such as Healthcare, FinTech, Banking as well as Public Administration, others are catching up the bandwagon. Supply Chain Management is an industry to leverage the technology improving multiple facets of its operations. The composite processes of a supply chain fit effectively with the utility of Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers. These technologies provide efficient solutions to the key issues in the industry.

Supply Chain Distribution and Management is a complicated process involving multiple stakeholders. It comprises all operations and processes a product undergoes from manufacturing to reaching its end users. Furthermore, the units of the chain, which are interconnected, need to run in good synchronization to ensure streamlined delivery through the blockchain. The practical obstacles in a supply chain process are maintaining effective communication throughout the channel, ensuring error-free transactions and sync among all units.

Cross-border transactions, a variety of products and multi-stage operations demands much more than business-as-usual methods and technologies. Moreover, Globalization, changing dynamics of the market and maintaining quality and compliances are emerging as the mammoth tasks to address in the industry.

Blockchain Supply Chain Impacting the Major Aspects

Blockchain, meanwhile, is emerging as the only technology that has the efficiency to address the issues of Supply Chain Management and impact each of the four major elements of the system:

  • Integration: Blockchain can create the underlying framework to connect each unit and division in the Supply Chain Network.
  • Operations: Blockchain can achieve active monitoring to ensure timely delivery and efficient utilization of the workforce.
  • Purchasing: Blockchain is also the basis of cryptos, which is the most efficient mechanism for cross-border payments. Cryptocurrencies have the potential to address the complexities in international purchases and sales.
  • Distribution: Blockchain can replace conventional logistics software and provide a single integrated platform to monitor a distribution across the channels, right to the Point of Sale.

Advantages of Blockchain Solution in Supply Chain Management

In a supply chain system, information of receiving, processing and delivery of a product in a single unit of the supply chain can form a block. The information in each block of the blockchain is immutable, while a block with faulty information can be traced easily. Therefore, in a blockchain supply chain company, the life cycle of a consignment from production to delivery is highly secured. Each block of information related to the products can be verified by each and every stakeholder in the chain.

Clearly, blockchain-based supply chain management is ingrained with the following features:

  • Proper streamlining of the processes and operations on a consignment.
  • Effective Quality control.
  • Efficient management of time and resources.
  • Strong tracking and tracing of consignments.
  • Massive cost cutting by eradicating authentication and involvement of third-party services.

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Oodles as a Blockchain Supply Chain Company

Oodles Blockchain have been observing the loopholes in conventional processes of Supply Chain Management. We are successfully leveraging Blockchain technology to address the key roadblocks in supply chain management. We are constantly working on blockchain and its uses in several industry verticals.

Explore Blockchain in Healthcare, Legal Industry, Tourism, Fintech and more.

The plethora of blockchain technologies and our expertise has enabled us to develop effective blockchain solutions for supply chain management companies across the globe. Our team of developers has a strong portfolio of technology development and a record successful deliveries of large-scale projects.

Technology Expertise of Oodles Blockchain

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