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Business Growth and Development 

The world wide web is a complex marketplace, involving different practices and methods to be seen and heard with your business here. Along with it comes the challenges and trial and errors that possibly anyone operating online, whether an individual or an organization, faces due to irregularities and defiant online systems. For a business to succeed in the traditional market or online, it needs to follow the fundamental basis of business conduct.

 Blockchain Technology and Development Services 

Not only blockchain development solutions would help in enhancing the online business operations/processes but also aid in strengthening conventional complexities within various business types on a global level – without requiring any third-party to intervene. They can help SMEs to address the challenges and sustain the structural model of business operations.

Blockchain technology services focus on these underlying aspects of business success as well as social development;

  • Confidentiality
  • Securely
  • Almost Instantly
  • Revolutionalize and eradicate inefficiencies
  • Potential to restructure various business practices as we know them

Blockchain Solutions in Access Control

TBusiness intelligence and Big Data system developed using Blockchain Technology Services at Oodles Blockchain can not only help enterprises in strengthening their online security processes but go much deeper into hierarchical levels, encompassing from their online access control to other security systems.

In the case of online access control, you can,

  • Aggregate and Analyze tremendous amounts of data using secure blockchain based distributed and shared ledgers
  • Create better future online access control, security, and data analyzation system
  • Allow end users to obtain inputs and insight from the data gathered and analyzed.
  • Adding and increasing value to their online access control system.
  • Ultimately, enhance the security and increase the productivity of an end user’s organization.

Blockchain Technology in FINTECH

In the finance sector, utilize blockchain-based Fintech applications by Oodles to streamline its bulky procedures. The applications can streamline the whole procedure of Client portfolio, AML, Regulatory reporting, Financial planning, Banking and money movement, Portfolio management, Asset management, etc.


  • Profile stored on a blockchain/distributed ledger
  • Trusted parties are granted access to all or part of the profile based on cryptography
  • New relationships would be initiated by the profile owner
  • The system inherently enables an audit trail for tracking changes to the chain. As a result, processes requiring fact-checking, such as AML, are simplified
  • Integrate blockchain technologies into onboarding and ACH and ACAT systems and processes.


Are we the right fit for Blockchain Technology Services?

Oodles  Blockchain is a seaward IT and blockchain improvement organization situated in India. We endeavor to move forward with the possibility of Blockchain Adoption on a worldwide scale.

In this sense, we utilize the aptitude of our gifted blockchain engineers that assist us to create the best blockchain projects.

What Oodles delivers

  • Business and functional requirements
  • Design, development, testing, and training of blockchain solutions
  • Integration and management of third-party implementation partners
  • Rigorous PMO
  • And proactive management of overall efforts

Blockchain Technology Services by Oodles Blockchain

Custom Blockchain solutions developed by Oodles Blockchain can play a crucial role in transforming sectors. We also have expertise in Cryptocurrency Development, Asset Management, Smart Contract Development, and Blockchain Wallet Development, which can provide;

  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Interoperability of data related to information
  • Protective sharing of information among individuals associated with the procedure
  • Exclude the obstruction of an outsider and decrease overheads.

    Explore Technology Expertise of Oodles Blockchain

      IOTA                                    Steem                                      Stellar

       Ripple                              OpenChain                           MultiChain                          Ethereum

    Industry Use Cases of Blockchain 

    Healthcare                          Real Estate                           Legal                            Automotive

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