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State of Cryptocurrency Wallet

Cryptocurrency Wallet is a mechanism to store the records of cryptos transactions. When programmed digitally, it could be an application to store the public as well as private keys, apart from the transaction records of cryptocurrencies. A wallet could be also hardware or printed information in a document, as it stores only the records of transactions and cryptographically encoded keys. Blockchain wallet development is limited to the software or application wallet. As a software, a wallet stores private keys, public keys, and public address. A user can send and receive cryptocurrencies using a wallet. Technically, a wallet can be compared to a ledger that contains records of balance and transactions.

By mid-2018, as stated on a website, there were close to 22 million bitcoin wallets. However, it should be noted that a single user might use several wallets. Coinbase, the popular cryptocurrency exchange reported having 13 million users spread over 32 countries. Clearly, the popularity of the wallet is proportional to the use and transaction of cryptocurrencies.


Types of Cryptos Wallet

There are several types of Cryptocurrency wallets depending on their usability and format. Exchange wallets, online wallet services, desktop or device wallets, and hardware wallets are the primary types. Blockchain Wallet Development services follow the type of wallet requirement. Exchange wallets are integrated into cryptocurrency exchanges and they generally have a transaction fee. Such wallets are mostly developed along with a crypto exchange. Online Wallets are made accessible via the internet. This type of wallet offers an account to the user. Users can log in into the account to use the wallet.

Desktop and Mobile Wallets are installed in a PC or a mobile device. They are called Core Wallets when they store a copy of the blockchain locally. Such wallet transforms the device into a node. Hardware Wallets uses USB or Bluetooth to communicate with the application wallet. A Paper-Wallet is also classified as a major type of wallet as it can record the cryptocurrency addresses and corresponding private keys.


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