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Advantages of Hyperledger

Blockchain is rendering a radical change in the enterprise ecosystem transforming the basis of business and process operations. This being a holistic technology, has evolved as a multidimensional application in IT and the enterprise Internet landscape. Hyperledger Technology emerged as a substantial blockchain solution with efficient applicabilities. Its advantages as an enterprise-grade solution are now emerging as a standard in the industry. They are also the reasons to build your own hyperledger solution.

Here are the advantages of Hyperledger Fabric, the platform to develop Hyperledger Blockchain:

  • Being an initiative of Linux Foundation, Hyperledger Fabric has the support of a strong community of developers. There is a wide variety of frameworks and platforms to develop hyperledger applications with a standard support system. Hyperledger community is gradually on the way to gain better recognition with new initiatives such as Project Ursa.
  • Hyperledger Fabric is emerging as an effective enterprises grade blockchain platform because of its security and reduced layers of trust. The technology supports faster and efficient transactions as it has a lesser number of verifications compared to other technologies. Build your own hyperledger solution for better enterprise operation.
  • Data partitioning is among the best advantages of Hyperledger as an enterprise-grade platform. It is possible to store data in the channels and expose them only when required. The information is secured cryptographically and this mechanism is effective in certain sectors like finance and insurance.
  • The modularity of Hyperledger is among the strongest advantages. This basic architecture enables condensation of large programs into smaller units and utilize them in a “plug and play” model. It is possible to manage robust Hyperledger solutions easily.


Enterprise Grade Applications in Hyperledger

Hyperledger is emerging as a trusted blockchain solution due to its effective applicability. The technology has been substantial in handling critical operations in a number of market giants. It has been used even by Government agencies in countries like the US and China. In China, the technology is being used in carbon emission reduction initiatives. IBM Watson Health and FDA of the US collaborated to develop a Hyperledger based solution for health management. Entities like the London Stock Exchange Group are also adopting Hyperledger based solutions as their core platforms. The reliability of Hyperledger is backed by strong support from IT giants like IBM and SAP. The support system helps to build your own hyperledger solution.



Build Your Own Hyperledger Solution

Enterprises are beginning to adopt blockchain as a preferred choice of technology. Build your own hyperledger solution to transform operations and earn better ROI. Oodles Blockchain has been developing robust hyperledger solutions for enterprises and industries. With long experience in technology development, our developers have customized strategies to create successful blockchain applications.

Our approach to development follows innovative traits to provide long-term blockchain solutions. Realizing the potential of Hyperledger technology, we have a large group of dedicated developers.


Adopt solutions created by Oodles Blockchain to ensure effective implementation.

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