Credits Blockchain Development Services

Deploy Scalable Decentralized Applications (DApps) with Advanced Smart Contracts

Credits Blockchain Development Services

We develop high-transaction capacity modern DApps based on Credits for use-cases in banking, logistics, and healthcare. They enable frictionless decentralized financial services like money transfers, currency and value exchange, and crediting and funding with direct P2P interactions in the network

Credits Blockchain Development Features

We enable unique business opportunities with Credits blockchain development that provide quick, efficient and highly secure decentralized applications

Our Credits Blockchain Development Services

Our blockchain team uses Credits custom ledger architecture and consensus protocols to develop DApp solutions that accelerate transaction speed and reduce costs

Credits Smart Contract Development

We develop Credits based advanced autonomous smart contracts to execute transactions with significant efficiency at a minimal cost. Our blockchain developers achieve this with skillful use of Credits features like external system support, data encryption, and digital signatures with language support for cycles and task scheduling

Credits Smart Contract Development
Credits Fintech Application Development

Credits Fintech Application Development

We build smart contracts with Credits to enable rapid issuance and distribution of financial assets and automate operations. We also consult and develop financial services solutions like asset tokenization, loyalty programs, stablecoin, and security token offering with Credits public blockchain

Credits IoT Application Development

We create stand-alone environments of IoT and electronic devices with Credits protocol and smart contracts that autonomously transfer commands, exchange information, and update status. We provide autonomous, global and decentralized IoT solutions with Credits blockchain

Credits IoT Application Development
Credits Supply Chain Solutions

Credits Supply Chain Solutions

We develop supply chain networks with Credits to ensure transparency, efficiency and trust in interactions between stakeholders. They achieve better product delivery automation, management, and control with features like provenance tracking, automated auditing, and coding of business rules

Credits Blockchain Application Development Value Offerings

Our blockchain developers create DApp solutions with fast, scalable, and cost-efficient transactions, and which lead to global adoption

  • Smart Contracts

    Automated execution of external, internal, and offline contract functions with cycles and task scheduling support

  • Public Registry

    Validation of application network actions with a decentralized transaction ledger system

  • Internet of Things

    Management of IoT interactions within smart ecosystems with Credits protocol and smart contracts

  • Process Scheduler

    Execution of smart contract tasks periodically with algorithmic scheduler service

  • Cyclic Process

    Execution of repetitive actions within the network and their interaction with external electronic IT systems

  • Oraclization

    Broadcast of raw and processed data as per programmed algorithms on the Credits network

Credits Blockchain Applications

We fine-tune decentralized applications with Credits and its advanced smart contract features like schedules and cycles to optimize various business operations

Micro Lending

P2P arrangements for safe and quick financial services like money transfers, currency and value exchanges, funding, and crediting

Stable Coin

Stable coin solutions with advantages like low volatility, fast transactions, and low-cost assets transfer with no geographical barriers and intermediaries

Insurance Apps

Smart contract solutions that process claims in seconds, automate payouts, support decision-making about insured events, and exclude intermediaries

Logistics Solutions

Logistics and transportation solutions for any industry goods traceability, automated payments, and efficient document management with smart contracts

Retail Solutions

Permissioned, private retail software solutions with Credits’ unique technology consisting of consensus, transport, and data validation protocols

Medicines and Research

Efficient and secure healthcare data transmission models with features like immutability, distributed access, and data security option

Loyalty Programs

Unique loyalty models that facilitate easy transfers of tokens and individual wallet storage of loyalty points with Credits smart contracts