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Get Your Hands on Next-Gen Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms Developed by Oodles Blockchain for a Unified Trading Experience Globally

As per the organization size and their business processes, our crypto exchange developers help us provide cryptocurrency exchange development services customizable according to the specific business needs.

Following the complexities that come associated with the client organization we work with, we allocate utilization of different advancements for respective cryptocurrency exchange software platform solutions.

  • SMEs > Angular & NodeJS
  • Startups (New Businesses)> Ruby on Rails
  • Enterprises> C++

These Must-Have Features Come Equipped With Our Exchange Development Services

Safety & Stability
Multi-tier & Multi-cluster system architecture

Most Compliant Exchange
An end-to-end blockchain-based verification system

Multiple Cryptocurrency Support
BTC, ETH, XRP, BEL among others

Multiple Device Supported
Web, Android, and IOS

One of the efficient liquid order books

Presence in Asia, Asia Pacific, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe

Added Attributes of a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Developed by Oodles

Fund Management

 cryptocurrency exchange platform developed by Oodles empowers users to oversee virtual assets in an effective way. Using our cryptocurrency exchange development services you can give your clients a productive exchange/trading platform to play out any number of digital transaction in the most secure condition.

Modified Features

To feature the uniqueness of your business, we let you outline and modify your cryptocurrency exchange platform according to your requirements. However, there will never be a compromise with safety and security as it is a paramount priority regardless of the business.

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API integration

To help exchanges including multiple digital currencies, we incorporate diverse APIs to make all the finance-related activities simple and smooth through the platform. For each new cryptographic money, we guarantee that it is incorporated into the exchange platform so that your business never comes to a halt.

Multicurrency Wallets

With over 1600 cryptocurrencies operating in the financial market, it is imperative for a cryptocurrency exchange platform to have (digital wallets) cryptocurrency wallets that need to support multiple currencies, including FIAT currencies as well. We create multi-currency blockchain/cryptocurrency wallets to fulfill the needs of your customers by utilizing fluctuating monetary forms over the world.

Administrator Backend Panel

With a great administrator backend panel in set up, you can simply stay ahead of everything that occurs on your crypto exchange platform. It additionally empowers you to change your platform according to the most current patterns and advancements in the crypto market.

Oodles Blockchain, Your Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Provider?

Oodles Blockchain, a micro-site of Oodles Technologies, is an offshore Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company in India. We have been creating cutting-edge arrangements using the Blockchain technology for the last few years. To empower quick and secure exchanges using virtual money, our best blockchain/crypto developers strive to deliver robust and reliable cryptocurrency exchange platform solutions. Set up as one of the pioneers of Blockchain innovation, Oodles Blockchain aims at advancing cryptocurrency exchange solutions by executing the latest advancements.   

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