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A Cryptocurrency Development Company can impact the market strongly. Altcoins and Crypto Tokens has strong prospects in the market, even if they are through a bearish phase now. The strong relevance of cryptocurrencies as technologies with increasing industry use cases is the core of their sustainability. As an investment or business, a cryptocurrency can deliver immensely, if developed to fulfill innovative objectives.


What Makes a Cryptocurrency Successful

Market Capitalization of cryptocurrency, as of 15 December 2018 was around US $100B. As per reports, there were over 1600 Cryptocurrencies in August 2018 and the figure is growing. Cryptocurrency development company can produce crypto coins anytime. However, a cryptocurrency is successful as a business venture only when it features innovative applicabilities while tackling the common roadblocks. The following are the aspects of a popular cryptocurrency:

  • A market-oriented strategy to launch ICOs.
  • Strong security mechanism to prevent attacks and fraud.
  • Applicability as utility tokens to solve practical issues.
  • Achieving total Decentralization rather than only being PoW, PoS or dPoS.
  • Zero Fees and Energy Efficient.


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Correct Approach of a Cryptocurrency Development Company

We believe the responsibility of a cryptocurrency development company is not only to develop the technology behind a crypto coin or token. The blockchain development company must deliver as per the complete roadmap of the business idea, in addition to their contribution towards developing the roadmap itself. The correct approach of a crypto token development company encompass the complete set of development and processes for successful adoption of the currency in the market. The approach comprises of:

  • Development of the Cryptocurrency Business Strategy
  • Developing the roadmap of the Token, technology for Utility and Currency Economy.
  • Detailed planning including legal, tax and accounting advisory services.
  • Sales Execution as per market requirements.
  • Developing the process of business execution that includes frameworks for operation and governance.


Industries Leveraging Blockchain Technology

FinTech                        Automotive                     Legal                              Healthcare


Making the Difference as a Cryptocurrency Development Company

Oodles Blockchain does not only offer technology development services. We provide a complete set of services to make the asset successful in the market. From creating the business roadmap for ICOs to being the technology partner of cryptocurrency enterprises, Oodles Blockchain ensures streamlined operations in every process of cryptocurrency business. Oodles Blockchain makes the difference as a Cryptocurrency development company in the following ways:

  • We ensure complete operations to ensure transparency in the cryptocurrency launch with proper white-paper development and providing access to a plethora of in-depth technology and market research.
  • Oodles Blockchain ensure highly secured mechanisms in both the technology platform and in the operation of the coin to avoid any possible loopholes or vulnerabilities.
  • We are experienced in using a well researched cryptographic algorithm, allied applications, and software as well as Smart Contracts.
  • Our system ensures a strong and streamlined communication model throughout the supply chain of the crypto-coin or the token.
  • Oodles Blockchain develops currencies following regulatory compliances, terms, and conditions of the authority with a long-term perspective of the business.


Technology Expertise of Oodles

BigChainDB                     Hyperledger                          Ethereum                      Ripple


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