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What are the Cryptocurrency Services?

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset, which is stored as an information in a blockchain distributed ledger. With the emergence of digital currency in the global financial ecosystem, cryptocurrency services grew as a niche business vertical for enterprises as well as startups.

There are several services related to cryptocurrencies. The most common among them being Currency Exchange Platforms, ICOs and Wallet Services, apart from launching new digital coins gaining a good pace in crypto-business landscape. Coin building service, Wallet Development, and exchange development are emerging as top development services in the cryptocurrency domain.

Here is a list of popular Cryptocurrency Development Services

Token & Coin Development

Many Blockchain development companies facilitate to build your own cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency is developed as a Coin or a Token. Due to the immense perspective of digital currency based business, token and coin development emerged as a top cryptocurrency service for blockchain development companies. Back in March 2018, a list of more than 1600 Cryptocurrencies was published as existing coins in the market. To this list, new coins and tokens add up every day making the ecosystem more competitive. Still, new cryptocurrencies are emerging as popular options.

ICO Development

ICO Development is a growing trend. Tokens are Cryptocurrencies built on an existing blockchain. These are exchanged for other existing currencies. Launching an ICO begins with the approach to create a new blockchain over the existing one to create a Token. Blockchain like Ethereum is forked to create a new genesis block. This can be done by setting a new key-pattern in the block. Creating a token is comparable to buying other currencies and customizing them. An ICO is a company to raise funds to buy coins to exchange for the token. Most of the new coins are launched as ICOs and they are successful to create significant value in the market.

Exchange Development

A cryptocurrency exchange is a platform to interchange digital currencies. Exchange Companies general posses a massive reserve of a particular coin, which they trade for other coins for a small amount of share. Such exchanges are breaking the cryptomarket as the number of altcoins is increasing. As platforms are turning as profitable ventures, Exchange Development is now a strong trend in the enterprise blockchain landscape.

Wallet Development

Wallets are the apps to store cryptocurrencies. As digital wallets are crucial for users, several enterprises are developing wallets with unique features. Wallets are available to use for a small amount of any currency. Per reports, there are around 22 million wallets and the number is increasing.

Oodles Blockchain Cryptocurrency Services

Oodles Blockchain is an emerging technology development company. We have developed several enterprise-grade cryptocurrency solutions. Our Cryptocurrency services offer an array of quality development solutions.

With a team of experienced developers, Oodles Blockchain is delivering services as a technology partner to several cryptocurrency exchanges and ICOs. Our understanding is not limited only to technology. Our in-depth perspective of the market has been offering unique advantages to our clients.

Talk to a Cryptocurrency Development Service Expert now. We are here to explore immense possibilities for your enterprise.

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