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Rising Demand for Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

A cryptocurrency wallet developed using blockchain technology stores, sends and receives digital currencies. Most crypto coins come equipped with an official cryptocurrency wallet or any other recommended third-party wallet. Eventually, if you own cryptocurrencies or an exchange platform, you need to use a cryptocurrency wallet to store them securely.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services provide users with complete control over their digital currency. Then, users are able to earn, monitor and transfer their crypto coins to another crypto address.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

Blockchain, the underlying mechanism of cryptocurrencies, has found its use cases beyond the digital currencies. Blockchains joins cryptography, decentralization, distributed digital data record, traceability of transactions, removal of any third party, and safe data storage.

Altogether, all these benefits of blockchain technology have moved companies to start using cryptocurrencies and their payment solutions.

Giants like Amazon, WordPress, Expedia, Zappos, Expedia, and Bloomberg are racing ahead in this domain. They have already embraced crypto transactions and payment solutions to provide their users with other online payment alternatives.

Why Avail a Cryptocurrency Wallet

  • Flawless transferring of digital currencies
  • Cheaper
  • Decentralized, no regulatory body (government) or central authority is in control
  • Completely anonymous and fully encrypted
  • Highest security level through the means of military- grade encryption methods like Cryptography

Nobody can steal your cryptocurrencies. For that, someone would need to access the private and the public key, which only you possess.

Generally, cryptocurrencies come equipped with e-wallets to use them for payments.

Or, you can have a cryptocurrency wallet developed by a cryptocurrency wallet application development company as per your business requirements. Then, you can avail advanced security and user-intuitive features.

If you don’t have specific needs and require simple tasks to solve, go for the first option.

However, if advanced functionalities are on priority, think of creating your cryptocurrency wallet.

Why Opt for Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

  • User authorization
  • The wallet itself
  • Private keys for user cryptocurrencies
  • Multicurrency support
  • Conversion rates
  • Ease to view cryptocurrency balance any time
  • QR code scanner (to send and request money)
  • Push notifications
  • Backup and restoration function

How to Find the Right Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company

Either you can go on platforms like Google, forums, marketplaces, business service listing directories, etc. Or, check for a cryptocurrency exchange development company that provide comprehensive blockchain development and crypto exchange services. A blockchain development company like Oodles would happily accept cryptocurrency wallet development projects for startups and big firms.

Insights into Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Process

When choosing to develop a crypto wallet application,  get it for the two most used operating systems – iOS and Android.

Generally, in reliable cryptocurrency wallet development services, crypto experts develop the backend part using Java or Node.js.

Also, as business requirements, the crypto wallet development company like Oodles utilizes several useful libraries like Chain-java, BitcoinJ, etc. These libraries provide much-needed features for enterprise-grade cryptocurrency wallet app development.

And, the developers develop the frontend of the app usually using Angular or React. Sometimes, they also use React Native. It enables them to outline modern interfaces while saving costs and increasing quality. When using React Native, a developer can develop one application that will run on both iOS and Android. During the development of the cryptocurrency wallet application, in most cases, it’s better to build the MVP (minimum viable product) first. It assists in determining the key functionalities in the first version.

Samsung Crypto Wallet

Samsung is planning to launch a cryptocurrency wallet app with its latest device release, Galaxy S10, according to news site SamMobile.  The app will have 1) a cold wallet to store cryptocurrencies and private keys, and 2) a hot wallet for maintaining crypto transactions.

As per the report, the wallet would initially enable users to transfer bitcoin, ether, bitcoin cash, and other ERC-20 tokens.

Why Choose Oodles’ Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services?

  • Creative Minds
  • +3 Years Experience
  • +20 Crypto Developers
  • A Long Clientele
  • Robust Presence
  • 24×7 Technical Support
  • Timely Delivery of Projects
  • Transparent Charges
  • Quality Service

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