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Getting Acquainted with Decentralization (DApps)

A Decentralized blockchain-based application stores its source code on a decentralized p2p (peer-to-peer) network. It means no entity or node is managing or storing the data created on the app.

Thus, removing the work of intermediary and enabling users to communicate directly with one another. The data generated on the app gets stored and validated using the blockchain technology, forming a chain of transparent blocks of information that cannot be manipulated or altered in any way.

The Distinctions between DApps and Web Apps

  • Verification of Transactions through Nodes

Users need to spend money to use decentralized applications as compensation for all the nodes that verify every transaction on the app.

While web applications are free as the company that owns the app is responsible for managing and validating transactions.

  • Data Creation and Storage

Decentralized apps not only create data but store it as well. When two apps get into a contract with one another, the data generated by transactions get stored on the app.

On the other hand, web apps are a medium that represents a relationship between a user and a service provider. If a user buys a used product from an individual seller through a company’s app, the company stores transaction data on a remote server.

  • Verification Time

DApps have a slow verification process because the system can rely on even thousands of nodes to verify a transaction.

Web apps get maintained by one entity or company. It helps in speedy verification process but make them vulnerable to errors.

The types of DApps

  • Applications used for money management

Cryptocurrencies get traded among users. The app stores every transactional record. Individual nodes need to validate the transaction through an agreed-upon protocol. 

  • Develop apps for finance

Currency gets traded on the decentralized app to pay for goods and services in the real world. Thus, there’s a boom in Decentralized Blockchain Development Services.

  • DAOs or Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

They are groups or communities having stringent protocols in place.  The system run without any governing authority based on these protocols with users from all around the fulfilling tasks on the network.

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