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Decentralized applications are unconstrained autonomous blockchain technology-based applications. DApps can operate continuously until there’s enough computing power available. They are as known as the decentralized applications because they eliminate the need for intermediaries and operate automatically.

Ethereum can be considered as an example of decentralized applications. Making payment process decentralized means that when doing the exchange of currency, there’s no need for middlemen like a bank to oversee the transfer.

The process of making an app decentralized?

For any mobile or web application to be considered a Dapp, it must follow these aspects:

Decentralized: The memory, computation, and control of an application need to be managed by a network of connected computers, having no center point of access.

Open Source: In an ideal world, the code of the application needs to be open source and in access to everyone for easy assessment. The development and upgradation process of the app should be governed by the community or group of members. Any change can be done only after the voting between miners or consumers.

Why Choose Oodles Technologies For Decentralized Mobile Apps Development?

Experience:  Oodles Technologies has worked hard to reach to establish itself in blockchain development. Now, we have more than four years of experience in the blockchain sphere. We aim to become the leading decentralized mobile apps development service provider in India.

Seasoned Developers: We also have a team of skilled blockchain developers that help us to stay ahead of the curve.

Use our decentralized blockchain application development services to build a robust and secure Decentralized Mobile App that can spruce up your business operations. Contact us for more details.  

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