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The Problem with Ethereum Blockchain

Ethereum boasts one of the massive developers’ community globally in the landscape of cryptocurrencies. The number of decentralized apps on Ethereum blockchain will surpass 2000 this year, which is no less than a miracle and unprecedented for any other cryptocurrency today.

Despite Ethereum’s supremacy in the sphere of Smart Contract Development Services and Decentralized Application Development Services, there are still some weak links attached to it that might give way to new competitors.

Why Develope a DApp on EOS Blockchain Platform

EOS is a blockchain used to develop fast and scalable decentralized applications (DApps).

Indeed, supporters have named it the Ethereum executioner. EOS makes DApp development simple by giving an operating-system-like set of services and functions that DApps developers can utilize for their enhancement.

The concept behind EOS is to unite the best highlights and guarantees of the various Smart Contract Technologies out there. In simple words, the EOS community is attempting to give one easy way to utilize, enormously versatile DApp stage for regular users.

EOS DApp Development

The primary target of EOS is to help make a decentralized blockchain that can execute quick and feeless exchanges. EOS won’t just enable Smart Contracts to get assembled over but also empower EOS DApp Developers to develop efficient DApps. 

Decentralized applications can be known as the future of the web. There are over a thousand of them accessible on various blockchains.

An instance of a DApp that could keep running on EOS blockchain is a decentralized type of Facebook, where no single entity can control the system and consent to get to your data.

The traits of EOS DApp Development

Feeless Transactions

EOS executes each transaction for free, however, for using Bandwidth, Computation, and Storage, a sender requires to spend EOS tokens.


EOS can process thousands of transactions per second. It has the potential to scale further. EOS blockchain-based Dapps can provide seamless user experience, along with being scalable to a live product with millions of users.

Secure Upgrades and Bugs Improvement

EOS is a robust platform that can easily fix bugs, by allowing the block producers to regenerate the account’s code without requiring to hard fork the entire blockchain.

Better Inter Blockchain Communication

EOS is Inter blockchain communication supportable through Proof Of Action sequence. These proofs can get connected to application architecture for the interaction with other blockchains.

Smart Contracts Development

For compilation, Smart Contracts in the EOS ecosystem uses Web Assembly (WASM), which get support from languages like Rust, Python, and Solidity.

However, also, C++ can be used for Smart Contracts development in EOS due to high performance and security traits.

DApp Development

Using EOS blockchain as the development platform for a decentralized application is a good start. It’s because it apportions the authentication from execution.

EOS DApp Developers can freeze or fix the application even after deployment. EOS enables role-based permission. A wide variety of toolkit is available to assist in development.

Oodles Blockchain, as your EOS DApp Development Expert?

Choosing us as your EOS DApp Development experts could help you cut the competition and race ahead of your competitors. We are a blockchain development company having years of excellence in blockchain development services. We utilize some of the best blockchain platforms, including EOS, Hyperledger, Steem, IOTA, etc. to deliver top-class consumer-based and enterprise-grade applications.

If you think you have an idea that we can execute, feel free to reach us, and will be at your disposal in less than no time.


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