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EOS Development is integral to the enterprise domain because it is among the blockchain technologies built specifically to fulfill the needs of industrial-scale technology. The objective of EOS is to develop decentralized systems as large industrial application. The ability of this technology to handle millions of transactions per second and its free-of-cost feature are its greatest advantages.

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Enterprise Use cases of EOS Blockchain Development

EOS Blockchain has several use cases fitting appropriately into enterprise operations. Data protection, decentralization, smart contract, identity management and tracking are some operations EOS can handle efficiently. Also, its latency and fees are the greatest aspects making the technology as per industrial requirements. EOS has unlimited potential as Gaming applications, social networking tool and as a decentralized exchange.

Use cases of EOS comprise utilities like:

  • EOS is appropriate for small business and enterprises as it is free of cost.
  • Product development and manufacturing processes can leverage EOS for better efficiency.
  • EOS can also develop highly secured and autonomous messaging applications, which have no third-party dependency.
  • EOS based blockchain can be leveraged to develop public utility applications with no transaction fees.
  • Another strong use case of EOS is free cryptocurrency or trading exchanges.


Advantages of EOS Blockchain for Enterprises

EOS Blockchain has several aspects making it the most effective technology to develop large-scale enterprise applications. Running on Distributed Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, EOS can run millions of transactions in a second. This mechanism also ensure a system which is devoid of technical loopholes and vulnerabilities. The blockchain is emerging as an appropriate tool in enterprise ecosystem because of its Governance pattern that binds each user to a common set of rules.

The common enterprise advantages of EOS are:

  • Decentralization in EOS is not based on Smart Contract, hence, it is power efficient.
  • EOS supports parallel processing and interoperability.
  • EOS follows an evolutionary trait. The blockchain is self-sustaining and it gets improved over time with more adoption.
  • EOS Development is easier as the technology is scalable and flexible.
  • The technology involves less risk, as an attack on the blockchain automatically hard forks the network.


Blockchain Use cases in Industry Verticals

FinTech                        Insurance                          Healthcare                            Tourism


Oodles Blockchain & EOS Development

Oodles Blockchain has a strong knowledge base for EOS Development. From researchers to technology experts, we have dedicated teams under blockchain technology heads. Our unique methodology of EOS application development puts a high priority on RoI of enterprises while emphasizing on cost-effective techniques. We ensure complete transparency and seamless communication throughout the development lifecycle. Oodles Blockchain is not only an end-to-end technology development service. We offer full partnership programs to handle technology development of enterprises.

Top Advantages of Oodles Blockchain EOS Development are:

  • Oodles Blockchain has been developing blockchain applications since the nascent stage of the technology.
  • We ensure cost-effective development procedure of blockchain applications.
  • Our methodology ensures transparency and seamless communication.
  • We also work on collaboration models with enterprises as technology partners.
  • Our in-depth market research and technology base provides solutions to boost RoI.


Technology Expertise of Oodles Blockchain

BigChainDB                        Hyperledger                              Ethereum                       Ripple

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