Ethereum Blockchain Solutions

Ethereum is the world’s largest decentralized platform that lets you build crypto-based DAPPs and Smart Contracts.


They say Ethereum is the future of decentralized apps. Turns out it may very well be!
Ethereum is a Blockchain-based decentralized platform with a Smart Contract functionality that lets you build avant-garde decentralized apps (DAPPs) that run exactly as programmed without any third-party interference. The Ethereum platform is fueled by a unique crypto token called Ether which is used for all major transactions within the Ethereum network. The token has its own discernable market value and is also used as a cryptocurrency at various exchanges all over the world.

Key Features of Ethereum

  • Smart Contract

    A Smart Contract is a self-executing will (basically a computer protocol) that enforces negotiation between two exchanging parties based on the pre-defined terms of agreement. It forms a contractual clause between two parties that automatically verifies the contract and executes the agreed terms.
  • Decentralized Apps

    Ethereum is the world’s largest platform for building Smart Contracts and Decentralized Apps. A Decentralized App (DAPP) is an application that runs on a Peer-to-Peer network with trustless protocols. A DAPP is built on top of a Blockchain and issues a crypto coins to the users for in-app purchases or other transactions.
  • Blockchain

    Needless to say, Ethereum is a decentralized Blockchain platform that uses some characteristics of Bitcoin Blockchain. It creates a tamper-proof record of stored data and provides protection against all kinds of cyber attacks.
  • Elimination of Intermediaries

    All the applications developed using Ethereum Blockchain are decentralized which means they don’t require any intermediary or central system to operate. This cuts down the development costs and enables transparency within the network.

Use Cases of Ethereum Blockchain

Although, there are no boundations as to where the Ethereum Blockchain can be used, following are some of the industries where Ethereum is being used on a large scale.
Ethereum blockchian solutions


Ethereum blockchian solutions


Ethereum blockchian solutions


Ethereum blockchian solutions

Real Estate

Ethereum blockchian solutions

Accounting & Finance

How Oodles Blockchain Can Help You With Ethereum Blockchain Development?

We, at Oodles Technologies offer custom-tailored Blockchain Development Solutions using Ethereum platform. Our inhouse team of Blockchain Experts are working on Ethereum blockchain ever since it came into existence in 2015. We also have our expertise in building Smart Contracts, Ether based wallets and Exchange Platforms. We have previously worked on a numerous Ethereum projects and have an excellent track record to prove our worth in this domain. With an impressive portfolio of clients from across the globe, we take pride in calling ourselves one of the best offshore Blockchain Development Companies.
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