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Facets of a Robust Cryptocurrency Exchange Application

Robustness of a cryptocurrency exchange application depends on both its number of users as well as its features and functionalities. Both of these facets are interdependent as they support each other. Better the features of exchange, more will the number of its users.

Apart from additional perks for customers, the basic characteristics of the exchange application are also the prime determinants.

Some of the primary features of a good exchange are:

  • Security
  • Cost
  • Supported cryptocurrencies
  • User-friendly interface
  • Deposit methods
  • A large selection of trading pairs

During the exchange application development services, you must take into account all these factors for profitable crypto-exchanges.

Mobile or Web Application: Which is Better?

It is advantageous to have both mobile and web version of your cryptocurrency exchange platform.

A cryptocurrency exchange not only functions as a trading platform but also as a decentralized application.

A scalable and multifunctional exchange based on blockchain might not be supported by Mobile devices, although there are separate platforms in Android and iOS to launch them.

Exchanges should be both available in both mobile and web version as you can increase your base by enabling mobile users to use the application.

The long debate over adopting Mobile over Web or vice-versa is almost over. Now both are equally relevant to enterprises, although mobile applications are gaining more popularity in the public domain.

However, as cryptocurrency exchanges are a bit different from the conventional exchange applications, the approach to use them are also different.

It also depends on the user-friendliness or the UX of application. If a smaller mobile screen can display all its aspects adequately or if the design workflow is comprehensive, it can beat the odds of larger devices.

The quality and process of an exchange application development are pivotal in the determination of its adoption.

After the crypto and blockchain boom, numerous software and IT companies facilitating web and mobile apps have turned into blockchain development companies. They may not know the unscratched, deeper aspects of a crypto exchange software platform. Thus, it’s advised to perform the due diligence before hiring a Crypto Exchange Development Company.

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Approaching an Exchange Application Development Company

The quality of development is strongly dependent on the crypto exchange application and software development company. The service provider must be reliable enough. It should ensure bug-free development along with creating highly secure exchanges.

As exchanges are the platforms to trade currencies, a single vulnerability could lead to a massive loss. Exchanges must have authentic technology, such as Blockchain, as the basis.

Enterprises should only approach development services backed by experienced crypto and blockchain developers. It is not only necessary to go through the portfolio but also the technology expertise of persons involved in the project.

The following is the checklist to determine the strength of an exchange application development company.

  • Is the development process and approach effective enough?
  • Transparency and proactive communication in every stage of development.
  • Is the process cost effective?
  • How is the testing procedure?
  • What are the after development processes? Does it manage the exchange?

A cryptocurrency exchange needs regular vigilance and updates. An enterprise should not only approach a company to develop but also for the maintenance of the platform regularly.

Generally, an exchange requires regular updates and bug fixes. This is the reason, an Exchange Application development company does not only develop the exchange but also partner with the enterprise for its management.

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The Positives of Oodles Blockchain Services

Oodles Blockchain is a technology partner of Cryptocurrency Exchanges. We have developed large exchanges and have been managing them.

As a technology partner, we oversee each aspect of a platform and ensure unhindered operation. We regularly update security features and integrate new functionalities on demand.

In-depth market research is another advantage of Oodles Blockchain. We offer solutions after stringent analysis of the market. It helps our clients to gain a natural advantage as our solutions are as per both long-term and short-term demands of the industry.

Partner with Oodles Blockchain for Exchange Application Development.

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