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Every new or established business require professionals to make their business operations and transactions in a productive, safe and flawless manner. That’s why, be it a complex business solution or a simple application, Oodles Blockchain is always at your disposal to help you with all sorts of blockchain development services, for instance, ledger transaction app or digital cash systems.

In recent time, a lot of debates and discussions about the blockchain technology and digital currency have been keeping business enthusiasts busy. The blockchain in no more a buzzword now, it has developed into a transforming technology that has brought innovativeness in various industries.


So, what role do the blockchain developers play in a blockchain based project?


A blockchain app developer implements blockchain programming language to overcome the development related obstacles, issues, and for the growth projections.

Blockchain enables P2P transactions that are useful at any place where two or more participants need to maintain a shared record. The key advantage is that a large community protects the database, not an individual.

It means that you are storing your data safely at multiple locations and thus, reducing the overheads of data storage.

So, institutions having huge chunks of data can hire blockchain developers to develop effective business processes, along with ensuring appropriate transaction recording at a low cost.


What benefits your business can utilize from the blockchain technology


The blockchain technology is a chain of blocks which stores information. These blocks of information are chronologically synchronized. These blocks aren’t controlled by any single individual, making the technology highly safe and secure to operate along with having no single point of failure.

For instance, if two parties want to share a distributed record in the blockchain, a single entity cannot tamper with that record, unless every participant in the network agrees to change it. Moreover, if your data is lost, you can recover it from other locations stored in the network.


If you want to change any information stored on the blockchain network, a huge amount of computing power would be required to enable those changes. Also, the information available on Blockchain is stored as a whole within the network. Therefore, any changes which need to be made can only be done when the majority of the network agrees to it.

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When it comes to accountability, blockchain can be the answers to all questions. The idea of blockchain is to provide zero errors in the mechanism.

  Decentralized technology

The decentralized technology works on P2P (peer to peer) basis. For instance, stockbrokers prefer using blockchain technology to help them safely store information of money transactions, land registry, and similar information in blocks.

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What blockchain development services do we offer?


Our full-stack blockchain developers help us provide quick deployment of blockchain development projects. So, if you’re looking for a specific requirement within your niche, you can hire blockchain developers working with Oodles Blockchain.

Let’s take a gander at our array of blockchain development services.

Blockchain wallet development

Blockchain wallet is similar to a Secure Digital Wallet. We have excellence in developing Blockchain based cryptocurrency wallet, online wallet and mobile wallet that are designed with an aim to extend a high level of security.

Blockchain based supply chain solutions

We can help you achieve transparency and traceability within supply chain processes. It would help you reduce your overall administrative cost with our blockchain based supply chain solutions.

ICO development

We offer all-inclusive ICO development services. From conceptual token creation, ICO smart contracts to ICO marketing and website development.

If you have a business idea that you want to bring into existence, you can raise funds for it as well as establish your business using our stack of ICO development services.

Cryptocurrency Development

When it comes to cryptocurrency development services, our offerings are innovative, including cryptocurrency development solutions, and advanced custom altcoin creations. Our cryptocurrency developers allow us to present you cryptocurrency development services for their use beyond currency as well.

Hyperledger Blockchain solutions

We have extensive experience and expertise in developing Ethereum/Hyperledger based blockchain solutions. You can hire blockchain developers for private and public blockchain development using Hyperledger ecosystem. Permissioned private blockchains developed by us using Hyperledger Fabric are known for efficiently segregating different levels of hierarchy within institutions.


There’s so much more to offer within blockchain development services. So, if you’re looking to hire blockchain developers, you can visit the service offering page of Oodles Blockchain.


Top Blockchain Development Platforms we utilize


If you want to build applications that run exactly as programmed, without any downtime, third-party interference, and fraud, we prefer using the Ethereum development platform that’s the most widely used blockchain platforms for such applications.

Use Ethereum for

Smart Wallet & Smart Money

Democratized autonomous institution

Design and create your own cryptocurrency.


If you’re an organization wanting to issue and manage digital assets in a robust, secure and scalable way, OpenChain, a distributed ledger technology, best suits it.

Distributed ledger technology

Secured & Standalone

Unified API & Real-time


Hire blockchain developers to use BigChain DB to develop scalable decentralized applications for web and mobile platforms.


Not only these but our stack of blockchain platforms comprises of a few more prominent latest platforms. Visit this page for more detailed info.


Industries we focus on to implement blockchain technology-based solutions.


When you hire Blockchain developers of Oodles Blockchain, you will be given a team specialized in various industry verticals serving to all kinds of startups and small businesses.

Visit here to know more about industries that are exploring the blockchain technology.


Key benefits you get when you hire blockchain developers from Oodles Blockchain


When you hire blockchain developers from Oodles Blockchain, you get a team with a myriad of business benefits:

  • 0% Billing guarantee

On the off chance that you are not happy with our work, we ensure that we don’t charge you or will discount full installment.

  • Get results in less than no time

Our committed Blockchain developers are skilled at all the most recent advancements and furnish you with snappy outcomes too.

  • Your local would cost more

We provide you with the balance of competitive pricing & uncompromised quality and guarantee to charge the most reduced in our section.

  • Honesty and transparency

Your thought is protected with us as we regard your mystery, work straightforwardly and our blockchain developers pursue NDA all through the procedure.

  • Confided in and skilled developers

We combine you with our in-house developers whose ranges of abilities coordinate your necessities thereafter.

  • Contract a team of your choice

You meet each committed Blockchain developer you employ. On the off chance that you choose not to proceed with, we will either give substitution, or you get a discount.

  • Free no obligation quote

When you share your thought, we listen and furnish you with a no-cost gauge, more often than not inside 24 working hours.

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