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Hyperledger is an umbrella term for a few open source projects and community aimed at developing Enterprise level blockchain system. Maintained by the Linux Foundation, it boasts a large community of the best developers in the Blockchain domain.

Some of the benefits Hyperledger as your choice for blockchain is that it provides you the flexibility for implementation of your business logic. Not only this, but it also allows you to set your blockchain as permissible or private as well as with or without Tokens. It can process millions of transactions per second as compared to Ethereum.

Blockchain pledges to transform the way industries as diverse as supply chain, financial services, entertainment, healthcare and more, manage the business and execute transactions.

Hyperledger members and staff commit themselves to share the best practices and provide help with the Proof-of-Concept (POC) testing, use-case development, and widespread adoption of Hyperledger.

Here you can obtain industry-specific Hyperledger content and resources.

Hyperledger Blockchain Development

Energy & Resources

Hyperledger technologies allow the development of blockchain systems that protect the environment, from carbon asset development that inspires businesses to reduce emissions and utilize low carbon emission technology, to use of localized, asset-based systems that encourage the accumulation of waste plastic in poverty-stricken parts of the globe.


The benefits of using for finance sector include smooth settlement, increased liquidity, supply chain optimization, improved transparency, and new products/markets.
The boundless engagement of commanding Fintech, settlement and consulting, and banking firms in Hyperledger guarantees this center technology satisfies the diverse and particular needs of the world financial services industry.


DLT (Distributed ledger technologies) holds notable hopes for the healthcare industry. Currently, the industry is characterized by fragmented participants accountable for personal data that could result in real-time outcomes.

Blockchain may offer a new way to streamline the healthcare industry. Blockchain can push Healthcare to commit to an information sharing platform, in which our health data could be stored on a secure, permissioned chain. A platform where the data could be shared back and forth almost immediately. Using Hyperledger tools and frameworks to develop healthcare blockchain application can help facilitate secure sharing of multiparty transactions, health records, and more.

Media & Entertainment

Blockchain technology has the potential to change the way we view and pay media and entertainment. Also, how content creators disperse and get rewarded for their content.

Mobility & Transport

Hyperledger has joined hands with mobility and transportation leaders in the MOBI consortium to define how blockchain technology can be leveraged to improve mobility.

IoT sensors can be assigned to any object that is committed to someone else for transport, with monitored ownership, and telemetry parameters like temperature, location, humidity, motion, etc. Eventually, the buyer would have access to a complete record of information and rest assured that the information is accurate and complete.

Supply Chain

DLTs can revamp the processes of the supply chain industry as a result of improved transparency, effectiveness, and convenience of data through tracking systems.

Real Estate

Using decentralized, distributed ledgers to keep track of land title can bring more accountability to the real estate process. Every transaction, like sell of a property from one owner to another, could be safely recorded on a permissioned, shared system of record.

Why Oodles Blockchain stands out of the crowd as a Hyperledger Blockchain Development Company?

Committed Hyperledger Blockchain development teams

We are a Hyperledger Blockchain Development Company having a pool of developers, 70% of which are skilled.

Focus on continuous innovation

Started as an IT and software company, we at, Oodles Blockchain, managed to carry forward our innovative culture as we grew as a Hyperledger Blockchain Development Company. Our aim is to deliver a unique approach while in partnership with technology companies as part of their R&D team.

Extensive domain knowledge

We help institutions implement blockchain technology in diverse industries. Oodles Blockchain brings DLTs to e-commerce, transportation, supply chain, real estate, financial services, automotive, HR management, training, and other sectors.

Diverse blockchain applications

We, as a Hyperledger Blockchain Development Company, offer blockchain application development, operation, and maintenance support for Hyperledger blockchain-enabled development solutions to manage digital assets in any market.

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