Hyperledger Blockchain Solutions

Use our end-to-end Hyperledger development services to get an across-the-board Blockchain solution.


Looking for an end-to-end, cross-industry Blockchain development solution? Hyperledger project might be the perfect fit for your business. It’s free, it’s open-source and it may very well be the future of decentralized Blockchain development. Hyperledger supports distributed ledger technology and lets us create permissioned networks and public networks at different enterprise levels. It comprises of a modular architecture that enables flexibility, confidentiality and resilience.
Hyperledger project is a collaborative effort from the Linux Foundation with several other companies. It provides a high-octane development solution for building Blockchain based applications using the flabbergasting aspects of this ledger-based technology.

Pivotal Features of Hyperledger

  • Scalability

    Hyperledger offers highly scalable software solutions with minimal complexities. The applications are well-adaptable to the changes in the ledger or consensus algorithm.
  • Security

    Hyperledger Fabric helps us create secure decentralized private and permissioned Blockchain networks. The web and mobile applications developed using Hyperledger are highly secure and backed by the most advanced form of cryptography.
  • Resilience

    The web and mobile applications developed using Hyperledger fabric are highly resilient, responsive and offer fast and smooth navigation across different menus.
  • Transparency

    While transparency is of frivolous concern in Private and Permissioned Blockchain networks, it’s still quite significant when it comes to building applications that run over a public blockchain such as Ethereum. Hyperledger fabric provides requisite support to the developers for building top-notch public Blockchain applications with a high level of transparency.

Use Cases of Hyperledger

The Hyperledger Fabric is most extensively being used in the Automobile or Transport industry. Apart from that, many other industries have adopted this state-of-the-art technology to foster their Blockchain services.
Hyperledger blockchian solutions


Hyperledger blockchian solutions


Hyperledger blockchian solutions


Hyperledger blockchian solutions

Banking and Finance

Hyperledger blockchian solutions


How Oodles Blockchain Can Help You With Hyperledger Development?

The Blockchain Developers at Oodles Technologies leverage the Hyperledger ecosystem to build secure and scalable private Blockchain applications. We also create high-octane web and mobile applications on top of the popular public and permissioned Blockchain networks using Hyperledger fabric. The Blockchain applications developed by Oodles are characterized by Quality, Efficiency, Scalability and Responsiveness.
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