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Hyperledger Fabric refers to as a platform for distributed ledger solutions. It has a modular architecture which works in the backend and is flexible, resilient, flexible, scalable and confidential. Designed to be pluggable on various systems, it can accommodate with the complexity of the existing systems.

Hyperledger fabric enables components: consense and membership services to be plug-and-play. It utilizes container technology to execute smart contracts called “chaincode,” comprising the application logic of the framework.

Hyperledger fabric yields a uniquely extensible and elastic architecture, making it stand out from alternative blockchain solutions. So, if you are planning for an enterprise blockchain development, it requires building on top of completely vetted, open source architecture. Then, the Hyperledger fabric must be the starting point.


Key features of the Hyperledger fabric

  • Assets

Asset definition allows the exchange of anything of monetary value over the network,  from antique cars to whole foods to currency features.

  • Chaincode

Chaincode execution stays partitioned from transaction ordering, thus, restricting the levels of verification and trust across node types and increasing network performance and scalability.

  • Ledger Features

Hyperledger fabric is an immutable and shared ledger, which encodes the complete transaction history for each channel, as well as includes SQL-like query proficiency for effective dispute resolution.

  • Consensus

Its special approach to the consensus process allows the scalability and flexibility required for the enterprise blockchain solutions.

Why Are We The Best Company In India Offering Hyperledger Development Services?

Oodles Blockchain is a brainchild of Oodles Technologies, which will shortly be becoming a trusted name in Hyperledger Development Services. It’s because we have been relentlessly working on the Blockchain technology for more than 3 years and have successfully delivered high-end blockchain solutions for clients around the globe.

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