MultiChain Blockchain Development Services

Rapid, private, permissioned, and secure financial solutions

We use MultiChain’s simple API and command-line interface to develop private financial applications with strengthened control over transactions. We provide efficient private blockchain development and deployment solutions for scenarios like centralized currency settlement, bond issuance, and p2p trading

MultiChain blockchain development features

Our developers’ experience in blockchain development enables us to build and deploy customizable MultiChain blockchain applications with speed and security

Permissions Consensus

Asset Re-issuance

Atomic Exchanges

External Private Keys

External Key Management


Cold Nodes

Our MultiChain application development services

We develop applications using MultiChain to improve enterprise processes and provide authority to connect external entities with the developed network

Lightweight Financial Systems

We develop and deploy redeemable asset solutions using Multichain features like real-time automatic reconciliation for crowdfunding, loyalty points, local currencies, and direct peer-to-peer asset trading services. We also create internal accounting systems to streamline the control of funds with minimum cost and greater efficiency

Provenance Tracking

We provide digital token issuance services for end-to-end tracking of high-value items like luxury goods and pharmaceuticals and documentation of bills and letters of credit. The digital tokens act as transaction authenticators and provide blockchain features like decentralized trust, immutability, and no intermediary

Interorganizational Record Keeping

We develop shared databases for recording and notarizing inter-organizational record, and auditing communications between two or more institutions with unencrypted, encrypted, and hashed data. They are accompanied with shared digital audit trail, timestamping, digital signatures and a round robin consensus

Multiparty Aggregation

We develop shared internal databases which multiple parties can use to efficiently exchange verification data and avoid duplicate work. Our solutions enable multiple parties to list data in a collectively managed record system and merge information from various separate sources

MultiChain blockchain application development value offerings

We use MultiChain blockchain’s off-the-shelf features to develop private financial solutions with options like unlimited assets issuance, data streams, and requisite permissions

Permissions Consensus

Customized permissions and parameters in consensus to control who can connect, conduct transactions, and create assets

Asset Re-issuance

MultiChain based open and closed asset creation, and more fungible units creation of an open asset for future re-issuance events

Atomic Exchanges

Atomic assets exchange among various parties in a single delivery-versus-payment transaction containing multiple inputs and outputs

External Private Keys

Random external private keys generation to track any address and build unsigned transactions for imported addresses

External Key Management

Secure external transactions with private key storage in separate security modules, and tracking of addresses without private keys


Customized blockchain parameters, permissions, and streams, and integration of smart filters for custom transactions validations

Cold Nodes

An additional executable, used as a wallet for storing private keys away from the network and signing transactions offline

Tools and libraries for MultiChain application development

Our developers analyze the ins and outs of the development to meet custom solution needs with MultiChain’s advanced tools and libraries

MultiChain Explorer

Web-based blockchain browser for tracking activities on the network with advanced configuration options

MultiChain Web Demo

Web interface for nodes to provide intuitive front-end features with no additional configuration setup


Open source Docker development for a standard 3-node private blockchain setup provided by Kunstmaan Labs


Private blockchain ecosystem for a test environment with development tools, database, and web and FTP server


Different libraries to enhance the development process, like C#, GO, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, and JavaScript (Node.JS)